Behringer 2600, Rack Format ARP 2600 Clone Is Coming For Superbooth 2020

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At “BAMM 2020″, Behringer is showing the 2600, its ARP 2600 replica for the 19” rack format in collaboration with Rob Keeble

For all who believe Behringer would have been on the NAMM, wrong, they just take the name to introduce something. So, they were more on the BAMM. On the right show, however, the focus was on Korg ARP 2600. No synthesizer has ever generated so much interest during the synth.

It’s no wonder, the limited edition replica from Korg is just awesome. But if you don’t have the money ($4000) or are on the pre-order list, there is the possibility this year to order the Behringer 2600 clone. This is developed in collaboration with Rob Keeble and visually has little to do with the original.

Rack Format

Visually, it will not be a 1 to 1 clone, i.e. no suitcase, keyboard… Behringer has decided to offer its ARP 2600 clone as a flat rack format synthesizer. Internally, according to Rob, it is a pure ARP 2600 replica based on the original circuits.

It is not known whether the developers have added new features or not. But in a new video, Rob Keeble confirmed that it will include both filter versions, the 4012 and 4072. On the orange, not gray style interface, you can see a reverb section that is probably also based on the original. No speakers probably for the BARP 2600.

Rob Keeble

For the realization of the project, Behringer is working with Rob Keeble, who is also known with his company AMSynths, which has published some ARP clones as Eurorack modules.

Behringer 2600

Superbootb 2020

According to Rob Keeble, Behringer will show at Superbooth 2020 (end of April) the production unit of the 2600 Synthesizer. So it may be possible to order the Behringer 2600 shortly thereafter.

2020 will be a big synth year, considering that you can get two ARP 2600 replicas in one year.

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