UVI Falcon 2.8, free update adds texture oscillator, 7 new effects, and more

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UVI has updated its Synthesizer workstation plugin Falcon to version 2.8 with a new texture oscillator, 7 new effects, and more.

There are fewer true Synthesizer workstation plugins that bundle a huge number of features into one plugin. The two best-known are Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 and Falcon 2 from the French company UVI. Usually, you will find here a plethora of different synthesis types, tons of effects, possibilities to create your own signal path, create own scripts, and more.

For the Falcon 2, there is an exciting free update 2.8 with many new features. Among other things, you can explore a new texture oscillator and an adaptation of the Dual Delay X plugin.

UVI Falcon 2.8

UVI Falcon 2.8 Update

Good news: the new Falcon 2.8 update is free of charge for existing customers. Another free update that is very remarkable.

The new update 2.8 adds new a big amount of new creating features. Starting with the oscillator section. It adds an all-new texture oscillator to the already impressive arsenal of available oscillators. It consists of two-channel texture and noise generators that lets users easily create complex and evolving sounds, with pitch, blending, filtering, and more. Sounds like a very interesting new addition to the sound source section of Falcon.

Then, the UVI developers also upgraded the effects section with 7 new algorithms, including a pitch-shifting Shifter and Harmonizer, an expanded version of the Dual Delay X with dispersion, and the novel delays: diffuse and velvet. Both new delays offer unique functions like morphing sounds into lush ambiances. There is also a new feedback compressor which is a new take on vintage compressor designs says UVI.

New Scripts

One of the strengths of Falcon 2 is the ability to work with scripts and thus build your own instruments with full control over the sound and melody content. Falcon 2.8 also comes with an upgrade for this. It includes a selection of all-new sequencers and scripts. Among other things, you find a new chip arp which creates video-game-inspired arpeggios, a 4-part evolving pattern generator aka Ostinato Arp, or Waterfall arp.

Further, it comes with a new featured interface for the slice oscillator allowing slice sequencing and randomization,  a new Strum Wheel for strum notes with MIDI CC, and Tape Mod perfect for adding lo-fi vibes with wow and flutter. And there are also major enhancements to the multi-envelope modulator. It allows you the extrapolation of brightness, transient, and pitch envelopes from audio files to use as a modulation source.

Lastly, you get 100 all-new presets in the new Organic Texture category of the factory library.

Another super exciting update for the Falcon 2 Synthesizer Workstation. Big like that the update is free again.  I look forward to exploring the new features when I have a studio again.

UVI Falcon 2.8 is available now as a free update for existing customers. You can buy Falcon 2 for a special price of $244/244€ through October 17tth, 2022 (reg. $427/427€) and get additional 2 Falcon expansions for free by adding them in your cart during checkout.

More information here: UVI 

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