Black Corporation Isenin, a Jupiter-8 voice replica for Eurorack

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Black Corporation sends its ISE-NIN Roland Jupiter-8 replicant on a modular journey in the form of the Isenin analog voice module.

With the ISE-NIN, the Japanese company Black Corporation has developed an analog replica/replicant of the legendary Roland Jupiter-8. A product that many synthesizer friends have been waiting for, especially from the original developer Roland. But as is now known, Roland currently prefers the digital to the analog world.

Black Corporation followed this community’s wish and developed a modern desktop version. The development seems to be in the final phase or even finished since production has already started. As with Deckard’s Dream, BC goes the same way and put a voice of the ISE-NIN in a new Eurorack module.

Black Corporation Isenin voice

Black Corporation Isenin Voice

The Jupiter-8 Voice architecture embarks on a modular journey in the form of the Isenin analog voice module. User get all the well-known features of the original in a lovely-looking module. It offers two multi-wave oscillators with Xmod and a voice modulator.

Then, the signal flows into a tiny one-slider mixer and in a filter section consisting of a lowpass with 12dB/24dB slopes and a highpass filter. There is also a modulation section featuring a multi-wave LFO, and two full ADSR envelopes with polarity control. The last step is a built-in VCA and a interface section that controls the CV/Gate connectivity and output volume.

At first glance, the module has very little audio and CV connectivity. But there is a reason. The developers have developed a matching expander that gives you all CV and audio ins and out.

There is currently no sound demo for the module. Ricky Tinez, however, recently added a video of the desktop version, where you can get a nice impression of the sound of Black Corporation’s Jupiter-8 replicant.

The Jupiter-8 voice design in modular form could be very exciting. The module looks awesome in terms of design and definitely arouses interest to test it more closely.

Price for the Isenin module is TBA. For guidance, Deckard’s Voice module costs $699 USD. I think the Isenin will also be in the same higher price range

More information here: Black Corporation 

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