Virsyn Tera Pro Synthesizer gets wavetables via an in-app purchase

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The latest update for the Virsyn Tera Pro Synthesizer (macOS/iOS) allows you to infuse wavetables in the engine via an in-app purchase. 

Tera Pro from the German developer Virsyn is a modular Synthesizer for iOS and macOS that works completely without cables. It is packed with synthesis possibilities that can be managed with an interesting operating concept.

Users of it can now look forward to another significant upgrade. Unfortunately no free update but one that is super interesting for Tera Pro.

Virsyn Tera Pro wavetables

Virsyn Tera Pro Waves Upgrade

Virsyn released a new update for Tera Pro late this afternoon, which comes with a new synthesis function. It’s called Waves and can be unlocked with an in-app purchase. Once activated, the already large feature set of the Tera Pro expands to include a wavetable oscillator.

The Waves oscillator offers all known functions of a classic wavetable oscillator. You can pitch and fine tune the wavetable, morph through it, and use sync, FM, and phase modulation. Additionally, there is an interesting 8-bit resolution option onboard.

You can load wavetables from a built-in factory library or import your own. It supports single waveforms or wavetables up to 1024 waves. Each waveform can have 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, or 4096 samples. So what you know from other wavetable synths.

Like in the other Tera Pro oscillators, the parameters of Waves could all be modulated with envelopes, LFOs, and more.

A very exciting update that makes Tera Pro even more extensive and versatile.

Virsyn Tera Pro is available now for $9,99 USD. The Waves module in-app purchase is available for $7,99 USD. It runs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin on iOS and macOS.

More information here: Virsyn (App Store) 

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    • Many associate modular with cables, which is wrong. Modular just means that you have individual modules that you can use flexibly and that you don’t have a fix signal path. Also U-he Zebra 2 is a modular synth without patch cables

      • tbh, the nomenclature of the modern electronic music industry is so vague and meaningless it’s beyond rationalization anymore. this is just one more example.

        how named genres are there now? 38+ ? ridiculous. so is having a captcha on a site hardly anyone ever posts on.

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