Akai Pro Force 3.2 update with new sound mode, effects, MPC plugins, and more

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Akai Pro has published firmware update 3.2 for the Force groovebox featuring a new sound mode, effects, MPC plugin compatibility, and more. 

Last June, Akai Pro released a major update for its beloved MPC series. Besides this, they published the new MPC Key 61, a first-ever MPC keyboard version.

It was clear that the Akai Pro Force will get the same update as the MPCs. The only question was when. Now the update is here.

Akai Pro Force Firmware 3.2 update

Akai Pro Force 3.2 Update

Force update 3.2 is another major update with many new features. Especially the ones you know from the last major MPC update. It starts with the new sound mode that brings a. new sound browsing workflow to the Force. You can build and save performances and edit your instruments from the touch screen. Sounds are now grouped by instrument type, MPC expansions, drum programs, CV programs, and more.

Then, firmware 3.2 also brings three new AIR effects, including AIR Flavor, Amp Sim, and Granulator. AIR Flavor is a new insert effect that infuses these wobbly, noisy vinyl record timbres in any of your sample or sound source. You can select from over 30 different timbres, and add simulated analog record distortion, flutter, and more.

Akai Pro Force 3.2 update

AIR Granulator is a major update for the initial granular effect processor. It gives you three new parameters to play with, including reverse, shape, and skew. Great for adding texture and dimension to your tracks. Another new effect is Amp Sim which is an amp and cabinet simulator made for adding sweet harmonic distortion to your sounds. Now rock and metal musicians also get their money’s worth in the Force.

MPC Plugins

Let’s stay with the sound engine for a moment. The Force now also has full support for the new MPC plugins, initially released for the MPC Key 61 keyboard. Important: they are not included in the update but must be purchased separately: Fabric XL, OPx4, Stage Piano, Session Strings, Stage EP, and Organ.

There are also two new plugin releases: Mini D is a new Minimoog emulation and Flavor Pro, the big feature brother of the built-in AIR Flavor plugin.

Akai Pro Force Firmware 3.2

Sequencer Update

The sequencer also got a boost, now hosting the same add-ons as the MPC products. In Force 3.2, you can now add ratchet to your MIDI data and add groove to rhythmic elements and melodic lines. There is also now an option to add probability to MIDI notes perfect for adding variation and dimensions to repetitive beats, rhythm, or melody lines.

Further, you benefit from a new track re-order function in Force 3.2 allowing you to re-order your tracks by simply changing the tracks position directly from the Matrix, Mixer, or Arrange windows. Plus, there is a new automation snapshot function. You can now capture a snapshot of all of the automation parameters in your project within a launch row. Once a snapshot has been captured to a row, automation settings can be launched with event data on that row.

Akai also added in Force 3.2 a new high-fidelity instrument Tuner to its arsenal of tools. A super handy tool for tuning your external MIDI-CV synths, guitar, bass, fiddle, and more.


And that’s not all that Akai Pro has added to the Force in firmware 3.2:

  • FORCE now contains support for Ableton Link v3
  • DrumSynth Multi now has mute groups
  • References to Master have now been renamed ‘Global’ or ‘Main’
  • The TUI Project popup gets an Audition F-key
  • Arpeggiator settings are now saved and recalled with the FORCE project
  • XYFX location is now saved and recalled with the FORCE project

It’s a big update for the Force with a lot of very good new features. Of course, the update is free of charge for existing Force users.

More information here: Akai Pro

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