Akai Pro releases two new MPC Plugins: Mini D polysynth and AIR Flavor Pro retro multi-fx

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Akai Pro has released two new hardware MPC plugins: Mini D is a new polyphonic Minimoog emulation, and AIR Flavor Pro a new retro multi-fx.

Today, Akai Pro released the long-awaited update 3.2 for the Force. This includes full compatibility for the new MPC plugins, initially introduced with the MPC Key 61 hardware.

To celebrate this, the developers also released today two new plugins for the MPC/Force hardware ecosystem. Too bad these are not free but are paid add-ons for existing customers.

Akai Pro Mini D

Akai Pro Mini D

The first new release is the Mini D, an emulation of the legendary Minimoog Model D analog Synthesizer. The MPC/Force Mini D comes with all 8 authentic waveform, two filters, a classic ladder, and a modern version with cutoff, resonance, contour, and a dedicated feedback path.

Then, it comes with two ADSR envelopes and an LFO with 19 different shapes, including ramps, sine, square, triangle, random, and steps. Unlike the original, Mini D is not monophonic but a 4-voice polyphonic. So you get a polyphonic Minimoog-style Synthesizer inside your MPC/Force.

There are also built-in creative effect sections giving you an EQ, chorus, and delay processor. Akai Pro ships the plugin with over 400 presets ranging from basses, leads, percussion, and synth FX.

Akai Pro AIR Flavor Pro

The second new plugin release is the AIR Flavor Pro, a new retro-style plugin. It’s basically the big brother of the built-in AIR Flavor effect. The core consists of 6 mangling effect modules.

It starts with the pitch module that allows you to add the classic wobble and flutter effects to your tracks. This section emulates the classic effect of vintage analog equipment like degraded tape machines and vinyl record players. Then, you can introduce saturation, noise and distortion. It includes nine models, including tube, speaker, vinly, and different synth emulations. Plus, you can work with a filter (HP/LP), mix and other controls.

Akai Pro AIR Flavor Pro

The digital module consists of tools allowing you to recreate the inconic lo-fi sound of vintage devices like VHS/cassette tapes, and more. It includes tools like bit crushing, sample rate reduction, filtering, glitch, and more. Further, you have a vinyl section featuring a true vinyl noise emulation with all the best-known characteristics: crackle, clicks, pops, hum…

Next to the digital section, you have the volume module that emulates the behavior of Reel 2 Reel Tape adding dropouts and drift. The plugin gives you full control over different parameters. Lastly, you have the Timbre block that hosts an EQ color enhancement tool with 32 creative EQ profiles to shape your sound even further.

At first look two interesting new MPC plugins. Especially the Flavor Pro plugin could be a must-have for beat producers with a preference for retro MPC sounds.

Akai Pro Mini D is available now for $79 USD instead of $99 USD and AIR Flavor Pro for $69 USD instead of $99 USD. The plugins require the latest MPC/Force firmware.

More information here: Akai Pro 

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