Noon Instruments Toska, new evolving, atmospheric textures for Kontakt Player

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Noon Instruments Toska is a new Kontakt Player virtual instrument that melts various sound sources into new evolving, atmospheric textures.

For the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler plugin there is a huge selection of third-party libraries that are growing daily. From small or large sound design companies. A disadvantage for non-Kontakt users is that most of these libraries are only suitable for the full version. Few are only compatible with the free player.

But don’t worry: the market for Player Instruments is also growing. Noon Instruments a new company just released Toska, an interesting virtual instruments packed with rich textures.

Noon Instruments Toska

Noon Instruments Toska

Toska is a new Kontakt Player instrument that features a palette of evolving, atmospheric textures. According to the developers, they used multi-layered, imperfected performances for creating these sounds. You can find sound sources from analog synths, brass, strings, winds, vocals, and field recordings that are then heavily processed.

The source material is curated to offer depth, movement, and colour to modern composition. It is an instrument with Toska at its heart. Then, the user interface is very straightforward. It is black with some colored round accents as if they were energy sources that glow.

Here you can set the warmth, strenght, width, and wash of the sound. Additionally, you work with an filter and EQ and modify two envelopes. One for the filter and a second for the amp. Further there is an absorb and reflect section that includes a reverb and delay. And lastly pulse gives you two flexible LFOs.

From the sound demos the library sounds very good. If you are looking for atmospheric textures that are ready with just a few clicks, you should take a closer look at this library.

Noon Instruments Toska is available now for an introductory price of £69 (regular £89) until 25 November 2022. It runs in the free Kontakt Player version.

More information here: Noon Instruments

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