Modbap Modular Trinity, new 3-channel digital drum synth module for Knobcon 2022

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At Knobcon 2022, Modbap Modular announces Trinity, a new 3-channel digital drum synth array module with four versatile synth engines.

Knobcon, one of the largest US Synthesizer conventions, takes place in Chicago at the weekend. In addition to many concerts and workshops, some new products are also expected. We already saw one this morning with the great ARGON8 update.

Corry Banks from Modbap Modular shows a new Eurorack drum synth module at his booth at Knobcon 2022.

Modbap Modular Trinity

Modbap Modular Trinity

Trinity is a new 3-channel/voice digital drum synth array packed into a 20HP Eurorack module with some neat creative extras. Instead of the classic kick, snare, and hat characteristics, Modbap Modular offers a mighty multi-engine that covers a wider range of sounds. It is packed with an array of different drum synth algorithms using various types of synthesis including subtractive, additive, and FM & noise. This breaks the classic idea and allows many other sounds besides kicks etc. Well thought out by the developers.

The module’s array of digital drum synth algorithms can be tweaked using the 7 knobs and 4 mini-pots. Each controls a specific parameter and characteristic (pitch, sweep, time, shape, grit, decay, EQ, clipper, hold, volume, and character) for each drum type. Of course, each drum channel has its own trigger and v/oct in addition to extensive CV input options per channel (24 CVs in total).

Flexible Routing

Then the routing implementation also has an interesting twist. Trinity comes with a “performable and switchable output matrix” that allows you to customize the routing of each drum channel. So you can decide exactly whether it goes from the drum channel outputs into the mix output or in individual outputs or in both. This makes for easy performability, mutable output, parallel processing, or side chaining possible.

Modbap Modular Trinity

Further, there is a MIDI over USB connection on the module that allows you to control parameters or sounds over a single USB cable. Perfect for connecting it easily to an external groove machine, sequencer or computer.

At first glance an exciting drum synth voice module with some clever ideas. The panel design is very clear and beautifully designed. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Modbap Modular is available for pre-order for $549 USD.

More information here: Modbap Modular

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