Tesseract Modular Released 12×12 Buffered Matrix, A Multiple Module On Steroids

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Tesseract Modular latest module is a new super flexible 26HP 12ins/12outs Eurorack precision buffered matrix with clever features

One of the must-have’s in a Eurorack system are buffered multiple modules. Often, these have 2 inputs and 6 outputs like 2 x 1 to 3. With these. you can easily multiply your signal (LFO, …) without loss.

Tesseract Modular has today introduced the 12×12 buffered matrix, what can be described as a multiple on steroids or even king of the multiples. Who wants it more extreme should get the Moffenzee Modular System Bus Multi – Limited Edition of 1, a complete system only with multiples.

Tesseract Modular 12x12 Buffered Matrix

12×12 Buffered Matrix is conceived to be a semi-permanent matrix for medium to big systems, with white silkscreen labs to customize ins and outs names. The modules can be used as a super flexible but traditional buffered module. It can have 1 x 12 outs, 2 x 6 outs, 3 x 4 outs etc.

Every output has a rotary switch to select an input. That makes it very versatile because you can make the same input go through several outputs but no several inputs go to the same output. An additional bi-color led is placed next to every output for visual feedback of the signal that is going through it.

Tesseract Modular 12x12 Buffered Matrix

According to the developer, it allows fast patch changes and easy rerouting signals (audio and CV). Whoever uses this module definitely has enough multiple power, guaranteed.

Tesseract Modular 12×12 Buffered Matrix is available now for 200€.

More information here: TM

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