Modal Electronics Filton, the 002 transistor analog filter reimagined in dual and for Eurorack

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Modal Electronics Filton: the 002 analog transistor ladder filter reimagined and improved in dual in a new limited-edition Eurorack module.

The British company Modal Electronics started in 2015 with their flagship products 001 and 002. Two big hybrid synthesizers packed with modern analog and digital technologies. Besides its rich multi-wave oscillators, it hosts a transistor ladder filter with morphing functionality was used here, which received a lot of positive feedback from the communities.

In 2016, they ventured into new fields. At NAMM, they showed prototypes of Eurorack modules based on their 002 and 008 synthesizers. It’s a shame, these never became reality. There was an internal reorientation, and the next steps are known to many. No modules but small, affordable synthesizers like the CRAFT Synth or SKULPT were released.

Modal Electronics Filton

Modal Electronics Filton

However, since the community is still interested in the modules, Modal Electronics has now reacted with a neat surprise. Modal produces modules. Now in real and for everyone who wants one. But only in limited numbers. A kind of community project. They write:

“since then, we were asked by many to release the 002 filter as a separate product to use with external sound sources or in Eurorack setups. Filton is our answer to these passionate musicians and producers.”

Filton gives you the Modal 002 transistor analog filter for your Eurorack system. Not once, but twice. The module consists of two discrete filter signal paths that are based on the same 002 filter circuitry. Modal, however, made many alterations to the original design to improve both stability and sound. The most significant difference: you get two discrete filter to process two sounds independently, series/parallel processing of a single source, or even in stereo mode.

Both filters can be controlled separately from each other with a big cutoff and smaller resonance controls. One of the special features of this filter is the possibility of not switching the modes in a classic way but using morphing. A function that Modal has also implemented in their current digital Synthesizer lineup. This allows you to create very unusual filtering effects. The developers describe Filton’s pole-sweeping as a seamless morphing process from a 4-pole lowpass to a 1-pole highpass that turns your sonic content upside down.

Then, Filton has on each side a transistor filter drive circuit infusing warm subtle saturations to thick overdriven textures to your sounds.

Modal Electrons Filton


Connection side, each filter hosts a wide range of different inputs and outputs. It starts with an audio input, four analog CVs with attenuverter controls for FM, resonance, morph, and level. So you can also simply run filter animations. Or take the whole thing to the extreme and awaken the dirty side with FM and drive.

Further, you have 1V/octave on each side for pitch tracking so you can also use it as a sine wave oscillator at high resonance settings. And there is an audio output for filter A + B and a mixed output. Clever, the CV inputs on filter A have an internal normalization to filter B. This means you get an identical copy of any CV signal plugged into A in filter B if nothing is plugged in the corresponding input.

According to Modal, Filton comes with a sleek and stylish white 20HP matte powder-coated aluminum panel to fit right into any standard Eurorack system.

The Filton package looks very promising. With its 20HP design, it is not a module for compact setups. Instead, for large setups in studios. I am happy that the 002 filter has now made it into the Eurorack after 6 years. The first sound demos on the website sound very solid, and I think you can do very classic filtering but also wacky effects with it.

Modal Electronics Filton module is available now for £299 as a limited edition exclusively on Kickstarter. There are various pledge models available.  Modal says that the module will not make it to its usual distribution network, i.e., retailers, and the Kickstarter campaign is, therefore, your only chance to get the module.

More information here: Kickstarter

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