Native Instruments KOMPLETE 14: Kontakt 7, new libraries and Soundwide partner plugins

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Native Instruments has announced KOMPLETE 14 with new Kontakt 7, new sample libraries (Playbox…), and third-party plugins from Soundwide partners incl. iZotope Ozone 10. 

What has been indicated for a few weeks (K13 sale…) has now become reality. Native Instruments is showcasing Komplete 14, an update to its popular music production bundle. As always, there are numerous additions in the field of virtual instruments, effects, mixing and mastering.

Surprising: with Komplete 14, Native Instruments is breaking new ground and bringing plugins from third-party developers onboard for the first time. More precisely, from the Soundwide network.

Native Instruments Komplete 14

Native Instruments KONTAKT 7

Unfortunately, all those who yearn for major updates for Absynth, FM8 or other Native Instruments classic plugins will be disappointed in Komplete 14. None of these classics have received a major update. However, a popular plugin is renewed in K14. This is Kontakt, here Native Instruments will deliver Kontakt 7, a major update for its popular multi-layer sampler environment. An update that came very unexpectedly as Kontakt 6 is only 4 years old.

Native Instruments Kontakt 7

Kontakt 7 will not come with the release of K14 but a little later in October. NI is currently announcing little information about the update. They promises a new HiDPI browsing experience with a search, filter and preview options. This was urgently needed because it was very old-fashioned in Kontakt.

Then, you get a new HiDPI factory library with new instruments from Orchestral Tools, rare analog synths, and much more. It also comes with new powerful editing and building tools, plus a Creator Tools companion app for building own instruments. Sounds like a feature that’s also very welcome, since building your own instruments wasn’t the easiest thing up to now.

Native Instruments Choir Omnia

Kontakt 7 will be the only “new” plugin for the KOMPLETE 14 series. A bit of a shame when you consider what other plugins still need updates. Besides Kontakt 7, they will also publish a brand-new Kontakt library with the release of KOMPLETE 14.

Choir Omnia will be a new 70GB+ choir virtual instrument for Kontakt that features four independent sections: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. It will be kind of a choir workstation where you can quickly build realistic choir parts with intuitive controls.

Native Instruments Choir Omnia

Alternatively, you can go deeper with Syllabuilder phrases and transformations. The library was created in collaboration with the world-leading choir curator Strezov Sampling.

More Tools From Native Instruments, iZotope, and Plugin Alliance

In addition to these two new releases, there will be numerous new Kontakt virtual instruments and expansions that were previously not included in the Komplete bundle including:

  • Lores
  • Piano Colors
  • Ashlight
  • Action Strings 2
  • Session Guitarist – Electric Mint
  • Session Gutarist Picked Nylon
  • Play Instruments (40s very own keys, 40s very own drums…)
  • Playbox
  • Maschine + Massive X expansions

Native Instruments Komplete 14

For the first time, KOMPLETE will also feature creative tools from third-party developers on the Soundwide network including:

  • iZotope Ozone 10 Standard mastering plugin that offers AI-powered assistive technology that made mastering easy.
  • Brainworx bx_Oberhausen, Knifonium, bx_Crispytuner
  • Unfiltered LO-FI-AF
  • Brainworx bx-Console Focusrite SC, bx_Console N, and more.


So this is the new KOMPLETE 14. It’s nice to see that it is continuing as a regular bundle and not as a subscription-only thing. I’m very curious what Kontakt 7 will look like because it’s a strong platform with great sounds. To be honest, it was to be expected that plugins from the Soundwide network would be added in the near future. It shows that the three companies are working more and more closely together.

But with little tears in my eyes, I look at classics like Absynth, FM8, etc. that made Native Instruments great. Unfortunately, they don’t get any care in K14 either, which they have needed for a very long time. That’s really a pity. And no information about upcoming VST3 and Apple Silicon support for the plugins. A list is available here.

Native Instruments KOMPLETE 14 is available now for pre-order in four different versions: Select for 199€, Standard for 599€, Ultimate for 1199€, and Collector’s Edition for 1799€. Various upgrade/update paths are available for existing customers on the website. K14 will be released on September 27th, 2022.

More information here: Native Instruments 

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  1. Who preorders software? Will they run out?I think they just want to jump in line for your money. Put up a money forcefield for a few weeks.

    • I’m not a seller of the Komplete bundle or of Kontakt 7. If you are an owner of Kontakt or Komplete, you can upgrade it

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