Instruō cruïnn, new analog stereo oscillator and cnōc function generator

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Two new eye-catching Instruō Eurorack modules: cruïnn, an analog stereo oscillator with swarming sawteeth, and a new function generator (cnōc)

Instruō, run by Jason Lim, is a Eurorack development company based in beautiful Scotland. The modules clearly stand out from other releases because of their unusual names and their unique black/gold designs. Not only visually, they can also convince with fresh ideas or rethought classic functions implemented with a twist.

They have two new modules for September. More precisely, three, and because it’s currently the hottest s…t, of course, one of these new releases is a stereo oscillator.

Instruo Cruinn Cnoc

Instruō cruïnn

cruïnn is a new analog stereo oscillator with a different, fascinating concept. Its core is built around a single sawtooth oscillator that produces five additional parallel phase-displaced sawtooth variations. Each has its own discrete, internal triangle waveform LFO.

Thanks to the internal LFO per sawtooth wave and external modulation options (LFO rate, mod depth), various sounds can be achieved. Jason Lim promises super-super-super-super-super saws, lush pads, phasey basses, and chaotic effects. That sounds very tempting on paper, and the sound demos can prove it. Very fat, beautiful saw waves.

cruïnn uses through-zero phase modulation to create deep, evolving timbres. For this, you have linear and exponential FM with an attenuator to add harmonics to your signals. Connection side, you get a stereo output and a sum output via a built-in stereo VCA.

cruïnn Expander

Then, your purchase also includes a passive 4HP expander. It makes all six waveforms available on dedicated outputs. Plus, you can individually displace the phase of each waveform via CV. It turns the module into a swarm stereo oscillator.

Convince yourself of the tempting sawtooth swarms in the official in-depth overview video.


The second new Instruō module release in September is cnōc. It’s an analog VC 2-stage function generator that takes inspiration from West-Coast synthesizers. It offers attack-release (AR), attack-sustain-release (ASR), looping modes and two response curve settings.

Further, it gives you both unipolar positive and negative outputs. cnōc can be used as a classic envelope generator in ASR or ASR mode, LFO, delayed gate signal generator, or as a slew limiter. Perfect for adding portamento to your pitch sequences. There is

I like function generation better than individual envelopes or LFOs as they are not limited to a single function. A big plus for the design that Jason has chosen here. It is very compact, takes up little space, and offers a lot of functionality.

Here, too, Instruō has prepared an extensive video that goes down to the last detail.

Two eye-catching new modules from Instruō with fresh ideas.

Instruō cruïnn is available now for $409 USD and cnōc for $249 USD.

More information here: Instruō

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