GSi Krill, new virtual analog Synthesizer for iOS with AUv3 support

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GSi Krill is a new virtual analog polyphonic Synthesizer with AUv3 support for iOS made for quick and dirty synth sounds.

Last Monday, I reported about the new Binson Echorec B2 emulation from the developer GSi. A plugin company that only recently started to release apps for iOS.

They are currently very busy porting more of their products to iOS. Today they released Krill, a new AUv3 Synthesizer for your iPad.

GSi Krill

GSi Krill

Krill is a new virtual analog Synthesizer for iOS. The emphasis is on virtual analog because this is not about modeling a specific analog synthesizer classic. According to the developer, Krill was born from a design originally conceived to work as a mono synth on an embedded processor (RP2040). Later they raised the bar and made it polyphonic for a more powerful ARM H7 processor.

Now the synth has landed on the iPad. Krill is a very classic virtual analog poly Synthesizer with 16 voices, two oscillators (saw, square, triangle), a noise generator, a lowpass filter, a single multi-wave LFO, and two envelopes.

To make richer sounds, it also includes a pulse-width modulation (PWM) and oscillator sync. There is also a “finalizer section” that gives you a two-mode delay (mono or ping-pong) and stereo chorus. GSi ships the synth with 64 ready-to-use sounds.

Krill is certainly not reinventing the wheel when it comes to synths. It’s very classic and doesn’t offer anything brand new. The developers describe it as a quick and dirty synth sound instrument. One where you don’t get lost in endless parameter navigating and menu diving.

If you search for a bread and butter synth with a one-knob per function design and no submenu, Krill could be interesting for you. And it sounds really good, as you can hear in the demo by Doug, aka The Sound Test Room.

GSi is available now for $9,99 USD on the Apple AppStore. It runs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin on iPad.

More information here: AppStore

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