GSi ports its WEM Copicat IC-400 VariSpeed tape echo to iOS AUV3

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GSi has ported its WEM Copicat IC-400 VariSpeed tape echo emulation VST plugin to iOS (iPad) with AUv3 support.

I reported yesterday about the new iOS developer Guido Scognamiglio aka GSi, who has released some new apps in the last few days. Among other things, the new Krill virtual analog Synthesizer.

Today, we welcome another new app from GSi. This time it’s a port of a popular free tape echo machine plugin for macOS and Windows.

GSi VariSpeed

GSi VariSpeed

VariSpeed is an authentic emulation of the WEM Copicat IC-400 from the 70s. It was the first tape echo machine made by WEM with a DC capstan motor capable of varying the delay time. GSi’s software replica imitates the behavior of the original with all pros and cons, without any additional features. The developers write:

This can be considered as the second chapter of a tribute to the genius of Mr. Charlie Watkins that GSi began back in 2008 with the release of the freeware “WatKat,” which was a simulation of the “Custom Copicat.”

On the VariSpeed interface, you can tweak the tape echo sound in various ways. First, you can adjust the input signal for the left and right audio signal separately using the SIG knobs. Then, you can set the motor speed, aka delay time, repeat time (delay length), swell (delay level), and tone.

Like on the original unit, three color buttons toggle three delay pickup heads. There is also an on/off switch for quick and easy bypassing. The plugin is capable of a wide range of classic effects, including slap-back delays, groovy analog tape noise effects, to never-ending swirly echo swells.

The free VariSpeed plugin for mac/windows is loved by many musicians. A must-have for any plugin arsenal. It’s a pity that the iOS version isn’t free, but work needs to be paid for. Nonetheless, you get here a great-sounding and versatile emulation of a classic hardware tape echo for your iPad.

GSi VariSpeed is available now for $9,99 USD on the Apple AppStore. It runs as an AUv3 plugin on iPads in your favorite DAW.

More information here: AppStore 

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