discoDSP OPL FM Synth is FREE with any purchase at ADSR Sounds

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For a limited time, ADSR giving away the discoDSP OPL FM Synthesizer plugin (worth $49) (VST/AU/AAX) for FREE with every purchase. 

Some plugin shops offer additional free plugins as an exclusive goody with every purchase. So one month, you can get a Synthesizer as a gift, then an effect, or even a mixing and mastering bundle.

ADSR Sounds, one of the stores that offer such promotions monthly, teamed up with indie developer discoDSP for the month of September.  They give away the OPL FM Synthesizer ($49 USD) as a FREE goody with any paid purchase throughout September 2022.


discoDSP OPL FM Synth

The OPL is a digital Synthesizer that emulates the iconic Yamaha YM3812 sound chip sound that you can also find in old soundcards (AdLib, SoundBlaster…). It basically emulates the provides all the features of the OPL2 and some of the OPL3 chips.

Background info: The plugin was originally coded by Bruce Sutherland, but discoDSP created a macOS version and an iOS version with AUv3 support.

On the synthesis, it works with channels where each channel has two oscillators capable of generating eight different waveforms, including sine, half sine, absolute sine, quarter sine, camel sine, square, and logarithmic sawtooth. Then it hosts a modulator and carrier section, which we know from classic FM synths.

Each section has identical controls: selectable waveforms, an ADSR envelope, and controls for vibrato, tremolo, sustain, and key scale envelope rate. Additionally, you can adjust the velocity sensitivity.

Further, you can tweak the depth of the tremolo/vibrato effects, switch between FM or additive algorithms, percussion modes, and the ability to load SBI files. There are five handy percussion modes, including bass drum, snare, tom, cymbal, and hi-hat.

OPL is certainly not the most classic FM Synthesizer you can get. So if you are looking for a dirty and characterful FM synth with a bit of nostalgia, this could be interesting for you.

What’s The Best Deal?

There are definitely those who are only interested in the OPL Synthesizer plugin. I’ve picked out a few options for you on how you least have to pay for it

Here is a sound demo of the iPad version, which is based on the same code.

discoDSP OPL is available now as a free download with every purchase at ADSR Sounds throughout the month of September 2022. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The code is open-source and available on GitHub.

in AU and VST formats for macOS (10.11 upwards) and Windows (all versions). Not compatible with ProTools.

Grab the deal here: ADSR Sounds 

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