New Korg Prologue Synthesizer sounds by Jexus

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Sound Designer and YouTuber Jexus has published a new library with brand new sounds for the Korg Prologue 8/16 hybrid synthesizers. 

With the Prologue, Korg has an exciting, modern hybrid polyphonic Synthesizer in its portfolio. Analog synthesis coupled with the digital user engine where you can exchange oscillators and effects as you like. You can even program new ones yourself.

As some have already noticed, the Prologue is no longer on the market or just in very tiny quantities. It is unknown whether this is due to the well-known chip shortage problem or whether both versions were completely taken off the market. Hope not. But what is still there are new sounds from creative musicians. The well-known sound designer Jexus has released a brand new sound library for the Prologue 8/16.

Jexus Korg Prologue Sounds

The new Jexus library comes with over 200 patches for the Korg Prologue 8 and Prologue 16. According to Jexus, it’s not a genre or style based library and you should decide what style these patches will be played in. That’s a good approach because sounds are often bought according to a style, and then the disillusionment comes when playing.

Jexus describes the sounds in these words:

It’s a wide variety of sounds that are meant to inspire and make you look at the synth in a different light. Some patches are bread & butter, some offbeat; they’re the result of me trying to find the limits of the instrument. The patches are ready-to-use in music or can serve as starting points; you can find the textures or the dynamics that you like and tweak them to suit your exact taste or purpose. I tried not to include patches that would overlap with any other soundsets out there, so 90% of my patches should be original-sounding to you.

If you’re looking for new Prologue sounds, you’ve come to the right place. Jexus is one of the few sound designers who have the talent to make synthesizers shine in a different light. Alone his Alesis Ion sounds have triggered a must-have for me for this synth.

The new Jexus Prologue sound library is now available for $26 USD, 25€ or £23.

More information here: Jexus 

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