Native Instruments FM8, DX-style FM Synthesizer plugin now on sale for $10 USD

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For a limited time, you can buy the FM8 plugin, Native Instrument’s take on the iconic Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer, for just $10 USD.

Is August the new FM Synthesizer month? If you look at the deals, it can be. After previously reporting that you can buy the Korg opsix for $329.99 USD in the US at, there is now a significant software deal that doesn’t you shouldn’t miss if you love FM synthesis.

Plugin Boutique has teamed up with Native Instruments, offering you a massive 91% OFF discount on the all-time classic FM8 Synthesizer. For a limited time, you can buy it for just $10 USD/11,99€ instead of 149€.

FM8 deal

Native Instruments FM8

What can I say: I think most of you know the FM8 from Native Instruments. It’s an emulation of the iconic Yamaha DX-7 with some new features. It comes with a DX-inspired FM synth engine, powerful matrix, flexible envelopes, create arpeggiator, 960 sharp, crystal-clear sounds, and the ability to load patches from FM hardware synths. There is also an option to morph presets, which is super fun.

Native Instruments has harnessed the power of FM synthesis. The strengths of digital are manifest in FM8’s powerful audio engine which generates breath-taking, brilliantly dynamic FM sound in pristine quality. With its emphasis on ease-of-use, the FM8 brings a high degree of simplicity to the otherwise intricate process of FM synthesis, delivering unsurpassed depth, brilliance, and dynamism.

A central aspect of FM8 is usability. The “Easy Edit Page” offers a clearly-designed interface with simple controls that adjust more complex parameters automatically, allowing you to take a far more musical approach to FM synthesis. The more detailed editing pages have been improved for easier handling and are all accessible with just one click. FM8 lets you play straight away!

FM8 offers an unprecedented range of features and effects. The classic crystalline bells and keys are perfect for creating melodic and percussive sounds of the highest quality. A unique arpeggiator, a revolutionary sound morphing feature, and a large selection of new, charismatic effects add countless sound-shaping possibilities. The sonic potential of FM8 goes well beyond the confines of conventional FM synthesis.

First Impression

Yes, the FM8 from Native Instruments is showing its age compared to an opsix plugin from Korg. The GUI is old-fashioned; you can’t resize it etc. However, it offers some cool features, the classic FM in great quality, and many excellent patches to explore. This is the lowest price for the FM8 to date. If you don’t have it and have always wanted to buy it without the big Komplete bundle, this is the best opportunity.

Native Instruments FM8 is available now for $10 USD (reg. $149 USD) until September 6th, 2022. It runs as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

The deal is available here: Plugin Boutique

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  1. might not be able to get korg’s opsix for that crazy discounted price, but i’ll definitely grab this one! thanks for the heads up 😀

  2. Did they ever get round to fixing the arpeggiator bug that was driving loads of people nuts? (dropping the first note)
    Other than that (and the ui size) it’s awesome.

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