Save Up To 90% OFF During The Synth Week Celebration Including Sektor Synthesizer & More

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VST Buzz has today launched the Synth Week where they celebrate for two weeks the Synthesizer instrument with discounts up to 90 % OFF. There’s a wide range of products on sale, from pure Synthesizers to Kontakt 5/6 instruments and romplers.

For example, anyone who has missed the recent Initial Audio Sektor sale, now you can benefit from it again. This wavetable Synthesizer is available right now with a 90% OFF discount.

VST Buzz Synth Week

The Following Products Are On Sale:

My Highlights

There are 26 Synthesizer products on offer. That’s a lot and you can quickly lose track. To help you, I’ve briefly pulled out my favorites, where I think this is a very good deal.

  • 2nd Sense Audio Wiggle is already an older Synthesizer plugin (2016) but for a deal price of 17€ very exciting. It uses a dynamic waveshaping synthesis engine which makes it very easy to generate very lively sounds. Above all, it scores with distorted and aggressive sounds where the waveshaping is very audible.
  • Initial Audio Sektor is a straightforward designed polyphonic wavetable Synthesizer plugin with a lot of sounds on board. For the current price, Sektor offers a lot of professional features including 3 graphical modulation envelopes, sampler, sequencer, effects etc. Who has not to benefit before, now there is another possibility
  • Airwave Omnisphere Bundle is the deal for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5 users. The bundle features over 1200 professional presets from Laurent Veronnez (Airwave) that are specially designed for electronic music. Ok, these are just presets but especially with a massive Synthesizer like Omnisphere 2.5 you can discover new features that you did not know before. They serve not only as presets in my opinion but also as learning material and good foundation for building sound yourself.
  • Tronsonic Tronto Trilogy & Tronto System 1000M are two Kontakt 5 (full version) libraries that are for friends of vintage analog Synthesizers. Both libraries offer sounds of old analog synths that are built into a deep Kontakt interface that offers a lot of possibilities for crafting own sounds. If you work a lot with synth libraries for Kontakt 5, these are really nice to have, even now with the better price.

All other products are nice deals but the best are those 5. In some deals, I have made comments beside where you might make a better deal if you crossgrade or just wait for a better deal.

The VST Buzz Synth Week runs until July 2nd, 2019.

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