Turn your mighty Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 into an Intellijel 1U module

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The new Mork Modules panel allows you to turn your mighty Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 multi-function generator into an Intellijel 1U module

The Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 is a facilitating module. It offers tons of different algorithms in the smallest of spaces: effects, utilities, modulators, and more.
What British developer Andrew Ostler (OZ) is doing here is phenomenal.

In recent years, the trend has been towards Eurorack cases with extra 1U rows. With this, you get significantly more functions in an single case. For those wondering what this has to do with the Disting Mk4, here is the answer. Andrew’s best-selling multi-function module is now available in 1U. Ok, not officially but a new panel makes it possible.

Disting Mk4 1U

Disting Mk4 1U

Disting Mk4 and 1U, is that possible? Yes, it works with the new black panel from the Swedish manufacturer Mork Modules. It’s not magic but a bit of DIY work. You get a simple Intellijel 1U black panel where you build the hardware of the Disting Mk4 on the back.

The developer says that the conversion is a bit more tricky than normal front panel switching due to the screen protector. With a little patience and scotch tape this can also be done.

Disting Mk4 1U

This changes the entire design from vertical to horizontal. The inputs and outputs are positioned on the left side while the two encoders, the screen, and the microSD slot are on the right side.

If I had a Eurorack case with a 1U row, I would consider this step. It’s not expensive and makes the Disting mk4 even more compact than it already is.

The Morg Modules panel for the Disting Mk4 is available now for 14€. The module is not included!

More information here: Mork Modules

Disting Mk4 is available at my partner

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