Polyend Tracker 1.6 update brings new looks, delay, and MIDI synth mode

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Polyend has published Tracker 1.6, a new firmware update for its hardware tracker that brings a new vintage look, delay processor, MIDI synth mode, and more.

Let’s stay with hardware updates. It’s currently the big update time. Teenage Engineering with the TX-6, Roland with the SP-404 MKII and now Polyend has a new firmware for the Tracker groovebox too.

The Polish developers from Poylend have published firmware 1.6, a new update for its Tracker. It’s not a major update but a small one that brings some neat new features and nice improvements.

Polyend Tracker 1.6

Polyend Tracker 1.6

Once the new firmware 1.6 has been installed, you can now change the graphics on the screen. The update introduces a new fond so you can now select between the original and the ones in the config menu. There is also a new bright display theme that turns the display into vintage monochrome goodness.

Polyend Tracker 1.6

On the engine side, it comes with a new delay effect processor with longer feedback and a built-in filter.

Then, the developers added an exciting MIDI synth mode. In this, the internal sequencer turns off, and the Tracker morphs into an 8-voice polyphonic Synthesizer. You can then control it with another MIDI controller or sequencer. In the official video, they showcase it with the new Polyend Play.

Plus, you can control various parameters with MIDI CC. There is also a dedicated MIDI CC mapping template in the Play hardware that automatically maps the Tracker’s parameters to the Play encoders.

Further, you get faster pattern increment/decrement in song mode when using the shift + jog wheel keys, an option to export .pti instrument samples to wave files, as well a new reworked onboard quick manual by SynthDawg. Moreover, there is a new free sample pack from Recue to explore. Both the manual and the sample pack require updating the SD card content.

A solid Tracker update with some very welcome new features.

Polyend Tracker 1.6 is available now as a free download for existing customers.

More information here: Polyend 

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