Expert Sleepers Disting EX 1.6 Adds Poly Wavetable Synth & Ladder Filter

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Expert Sleepers Disting EX has been upgraded to firmware 1.6 with a new powerful 8-voice wavetable Synthesizer, ladder filter & more.

When it comes to the feature density of a module, there is no getting around the Expert Sleepers Disting series. The Disting Mk4 packs an extremely large number of features into just 4HP. Oscillators, filters, effects, CV processors, etc. Definitely, the ultimate all-in-one multifunctional module that grows almost monthly.

With the new Super Disting EX Plus Alpha aka Disting EX, Andrew Oost has responded to the main criticism of the Disting Mk4 from the community, the screen. Instead of just upgrading the Disting Mk4 with a display, Expert Sleepers has doubled the idea of the mighty Disting. The long-requested display upgrade is joined by an engine that features twice the power of a single Disting Mk4.

Disting EX 1.6

Disting EX 1.6

The magic Os, as I like to call Andrew Ostler, doesn’t miss out on his joy in programming with the new Disting EX. The module has been on the market for less than 8 months and has already received the 1.6 firmware update. Since the first release, there have been countless new exciting functions for the module: dual VCO, looper, filter bank, dream machine… Highly exciting and no wonder that the module is often sold out. Today, the developer released firmware 1.6 with again numerous new features.

It adds an entire polyphonic wavetable Synthesizer with 8-voices, filter, and effects. Also, it now includes a new 24dB/octave VCF that inspired by the iconic Moog Ladder filter. Both are features that upgrade the module again. In addition, there are further improvements and bug fixes.

New Features At A Glance

  • Added the Poly Wavetable algorithm.
  • Added the 24dB/oct VCF algorithm.
  • The Side-chain Compressor and Mono Compressor algorithms can now mix the side-chain signal into the outputs.
  • Increased the range of the offset and attenuverter parameters of the Shift Register Random CVs and Shift Register Random Quantized CVs algorithms.
  • The ‘Overdub fade’ parameter of the Looper algorithm now goes down to –∞dB, effectively allowing ‘replace’ instead of ‘overdub’.
  • Added the ‘Lock range’ parameter to the Looper algorithm.
  • It is now possible retrigger loops in the Looper algorithm without first pausing them.
  • Added
    • a ‘Transpose limit’ setting for the SD Multisample algorithm.
    • ‘MIDI learn’ for setting up MIDI mappings.
    • SysEx interface to parameter discovery and editing, allowing remote preset editing over MIDI.
    • ‘Chromatic’ scale type for the SD Multisample algorithm and fixed the ‘Natural Minor’ scale so playing notes actually in the scale produces the correct result.
  • A preset can now store the index of a mapping to load automatically when the preset is loaded.
  • The ‘Show MIDI history’ display now shows all messages (was previously blank for clock etc.).
  • When selecting dual mode parameters via encoder push-hold-turn, the display now remains in zoom mode as long as the encoder is held.

The module grows and grows, to the delight of the owner. I don’t know of any module that offers so many features in 8HP and gets so much support from developers. Big compliments for that.

Expert Sleepers Disting EX 1.6 update is free of charge for existing users. The module is available now for UK £299 (inc VAT), US $349 (exclusive of sales tax), EU €289.92 (exclusive of VAT)

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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