Endorphin.es’ first 1U modules are out now: Cockpit, Golden Master & Milky Way

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Endorphin.es’ new 1U module versions of the Cockpit mixer, Golden Master multi-band processor, and Milky Way multi-FX processor are out now. 

The Eurorack modular synth is more popular than ever. More and more musicians are daring the step into the world of colorful, flashing modules, tangled cables, etc. Not only are more musicians interested in making music with patch cables, a new trend towards smaller modules is also currently emerging.

There are more and more companies launching 1U modules on the market. One of the most recent are the Barcelona-based company Endorphin.es who presented three of their 3U modules in 1U versions at Superbooth 21. All three are available now.

Endorphin.es 1U Cockpit Golden Master

Endorphin.es 1U: Cockpit, Golden Master & Milky Way

Cockpit, Gold Master and Milky Way made it into the 1U format. They are delivered in the classic Endorphn.es look in black and gold but also in new silver. Very different, especially if you know the designs of the modules. But now back to the modules.


It is a 4-channel stereo performance mixer with useful side-chain ducking functionality. Channel 1 features a stereo input jack while the channels 2/3/4 offers dual mono sockets. Cockpit has an onboard compressor with an external CV controllable side-chain functionality with three modes. Perfect for adding dynamics to your mixes.

It outputs the mixed signal via the stereo output, offers an extra aux, balanced output pins and is fully compatible with the Intellijel Audio Jacks V2 Boards / cases. A neat mixer with clever additions for 1U systems.

Golden Master

Golden Master is a multi-band processor that runs at 16-bit/96kHz and sits at the end of your signal chain. It’s mainly adds the special sauce that give your tracks the final touch. It gives control over the EQ via three bands, compression, and mid/side processing of incoming audio. Then, it gives you the option to set the overall loudness limit of your sounds as well the brickwall limiter. The latter is super useful for live performances.

The signals goes stereo in and out via two mono sockets. Plus, you get an AUX In and MIX Out for chaining with other Mix Bus compatible modules, and a 6 pin balanced output for the Intellijel IO outputs.

Milky Way

Last but not least there is a 1U version of the powerful stereo FX module Milky Way. Like its big brother, it features 16 different algorithms including reverbs (hall, shimmer…), delays (ping-pong, tape echo), chorus, flanger, freezer, ring mod, overdrive and compressor. It has additional panning options and offers the ability to crossfade inputs signals via CV. On the back, you also have a MIX out bus connector. Probably one of the most powerful multi-FX in the 1U scene at the moment.

Endorphin.es 1U modules (Cockpit, Golden Master & Milky Way) are available now for 189€/$209 USD each.

More information here: Endorphin.es 

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