The Doodlestation, new lovely Love Hultén custom synth with Sequential OB-6

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The Doodlestation is a new fascinating Love Hultén custom Synthesizer featuring repackaged Sequential OB-6, a Moog DFAM, and more.

I have highlighted works by industrial designer Love Hultén here several times on the website. You can speak of works of art since he doesn’t develop entirely new instruments but he wraps known synthesizers, effects… in new clothes. From the mixture then emerges a “new instrument” with endless options.

The Doodlestation is one of Love Hultén’s latest works and it looks awesome.

Loven Hulten The Doodlestation

Love Hultén Doodlestation

Doodlestation reminds me of equipment found in nuclear power plants that you’d rather not touch. It could also be the command center of evil that want to conquer the world with its nasty oscillating sounds. But no worries in this case, it’s a mighty instrument.

Doodlestation is made of wood and consists of many well-known instruments and effects. According to Love Hultén, it includes a mighty Sequential OB-6 analog poly Synthesizer module, a Moog DFAM semi-modular synth, the Hologram Microcosm effect processor, and a Theremin setup. Plus, it has a crazy animated MIDI visualizer, a tape echo, and a custom keybed.

Loven Hulten The Doodlestation

Even if the Doodlestation looks very spacey, you can clearly see where the individual instruments and effects are. For example, the two antennas that a theremin needs are on the roof of the tower.

Love Hulten is a designer who loves details. Where others stop, he is just getting started. So it looks like it has built-in speakers as well as slots where you can stow cables.


I have to disappoint anyone who is interested in buying this device. Loven Hulten’s designs are not available to buy in a shop but are custom-made by inquiry. If you like a fancy synthesizer not from the shelve and want to spend a little more on it, you can contact him and he will design one for you.

More information here: Love Hultén

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