The Beehive Is Simon The Magpie’s first (drone) Synthesizer with 42 oscillators

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The Beehive is Simon The Magpie’s first compact analog drone Synthesizer powered by 42 oscillators in a 7×7 grid. 

YouTuber Simon The Magpie has a great love for quirky, experimental instruments and effects with special concepts. Not only does Simon present such unique creations on YouTube, but he is now also a developer with his own brand Magpie Pedals. I presented his first three pedals in an article. These are definitely not classic pedals.

The Beehive is Simon Magpie’s first synthesizer and of course, and of course, it’s not a classic one.

Magpie Pedals The Beehive

Magpie Pedals The Beehive

The Beehive is an analog drone Synthesizer with 42 oscillators arranged in a 7×7 grid. The design is very minimalistic/primitive says Simon. That’s right because the synth consists only of very simple oscillators. No filter, no effects or modulation.

In each row, you get 6 oscillators each with a dedicated pitch knob. A volume potentiometer per row controls the signal of all six oscillators. So you have 42 pitch and 7 volume knobs on the interface.

Magpie Pedals The Beehive

On the backside, you get a mono output for each row and the main socket that sums up the sound of all seven rows. The possibility of picking up the sound of the individual rows is clever here. So you can build stereo sounds or manipulate individual rows differently. For example in different effect pedals.

Another nice feature is the possibility to run the Drone Synth with a 9V battery. So you are also very mobile with it. The Beehive is handbuilt and is available with either a yellow-painted front panel or no painted.

Yes, The Beehive is very easy and minimal, but drone synths can also be a lot of fun in the right setups. Especially in combination with effect pedals to make drones and soundscapes.

Magpie Pedals The Beehive is hand-made and available now for 3333,00 SEK (317€+/-)

More information here: Magpie Pedals

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  1. Be kind to yourself, don’t listen to that voice, it’ll call you all kinds of names, it doesn’t know you at all.

  2. We were playing with this sort of concept back in the 70s but using lots of test ovulators scavenged from physics labs back at school but nothing like at this scale..Hours of fun

  3. This kinda reminds me of when I was doing inputless mixing combined with the sidrassi organus I really want to get one.

  4. I am not afraid to admit, I do not get electro-drones as an ‘enjoyable’ listening experience; therefore, this product is not for me.

    I AM A ROBOT!!!@#

  5. Just needs cv input for each row and you have 7 note x 7 osc poly. Chocks be good for paraphonic chords.

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