Krischer MicroQuad, affordable 4-voice DIY analog drone synth

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MicroQuad is a new affordable 4-voice DIY analog drone Synthesizer for less than 60€ from French indie developer Krischer.

Drone synthesizers are mostly very simply built instruments with very “rudimentary” functions. These instruments are there to generate standing sounds and not highly complex melodies.

The small boxes become particularly exciting when you combine them with pedals and other devices. Perfect to go on a little experimental drone trip. A new inexpensive drone synth comes from the French indie developer Krischer.

Krischer MicroQuad

Krischer MicroQuad

MicroQuad is a new analog 4-voice DIY drone Synthesizer. The developer writes of a polyphonic drone synth but this refers to the 4 voices.

The design is super simple. Each voice has a clear button to quickly turn it on and off signal as well as a tuning knob. It’s a bit of a pity there are no volume controls with which you can adjust individual channels.

Krischer MicroQuad

Then the back is also very rudimentary. There is a main audio output as well as a power supply input. Too bad independent audio outputs for the voices are missing.


As already mentioned, the MicroQuad is a DIY project. One that beginners can also solder together. If you order it in the manufacturer’s Reverb Shop, you get it in a kit, including 1 PCB, 4 potentiometers + knobs, 4 lightning switches, 4 parts box, 4 pads, and a power supply (24v 500mA).

The MicroQuad’s circuit board is already pre-soldered with the main components which are very helpful.

A funny little DIY analog drone box. If you want to immerse yourself in the experimental world, you can do it here for very little money.

Krischer MICROQUAD is available now as a DIY kit for 54,90€ + shipping.

More information here: Krischer (Reverb) 

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