EMW SYSTEM-15, new vintage-style modular analog Synthesizer

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EMW SYSTEM-15 is a new vintage-style modular analog Synthesizer consisting of 15 different modules for advanced patching adventures. 

The last years showed us that synthesizers can come from all over the world. Not only Europe, America or Asia but also South America like Argentina, Chile or even Brazil. Synthesizer. From the latter came the company EMW (Electronic Music Works), which has been building standalone but also modular synthesizers for many years.

They recently announced the SYSTEM-15, a new vintage-style modular analog Synthesizer. Interesting the developers talk about “modules” but they use a single faceplate where you can’t exchange modules. So modular related to the patchability and not to modules.

EMW System-15


SYSTEM-15 is a new modular analog Synthesizer with 15 different modules/sections. According to the developer they are engineered and optimized to work together and produce maximum synthesis possibilities.

The sound generation section consists of two transistor core VCOs, a glide processor/octave control, three noise sources (white, pink, red), and a sub-oscillator with -1 & -2 octave options. According to the information, there is also an acid waveform, with which you can probably make 303-style sounds.

Then, you have a 3-channel mixer, an analog ring modulator, and two advanced filters. First, you have a 12dB VCF with lowpass and highpass. It has two input audio mixers as well as two modulation inputs. Secondly, there is a 24dB VCF with two audio mixers and two modulation inputs. It also has a VCA with a two-audio input mixer.

To refine your sounds it has a vintage echo/delay module as well. Modulation side, you get two ADSR envelope generators (one with range and inverted out) and two LFOs with range selection and two waveforms each. Next to this, you have a sample and hold generator with 2 extra waveforms including LFO, glide, and noise sources.

Further, a sequential voltage generator with 8 steps, reset, and first step pulse output is included. Not to forget, you have 4 parts switching system and a DC/Audio active patch with a 2-input mixer.


At first look a very classic modular analog Synthesizer. Not sure if the modules are based on the existing EMW modules. If yes, you have many patch options here. The SYSTEM-15  sounds good in the first demos. It is currently difficult to compare it with other modular synths because there is no price yet.

EMW SYSTEM-15 availability and price TBA.

More information here: EMW 

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