Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave teaser, new wavetable Synthesizer with PPG Wave optics, new sound demos

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According to an IG post: new synth company Groove Synthesis is working on 3rd Wave/3 Wave, a new wavetable Synthesizer with PPG Wave optics. 

Update (02/06/2022)

Groove Synthesis hasn’t announced all the features yet, but there is an official sound demo. Sounds very promising.

Article (22/05/2022)

With Wavetable Synthesis you automatically connect the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer by Wolfgang Palm. Behringer has been working on a replica/clone of this classic for some time. So far no delivery date.

However, wavetable is a synthesis that is not only found in PPG synthesizers. It is currently one of the most popular forms of synthesis in hardware and software. And it looks like there’s another big new wavetable Synthesizer coming this year from a new company.

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave/3 Wave

On the Instagram page of the sound designer and voicing expert Kurt Kurasaki, a video of a new very PPG-like Synthesizer has popped up. It doesn’t appear to be a PPG clone/replica, nor the previewed Behringer version. 3rd Wave comes from the new company Groove Synthesis from developer Geoff Farr.  A developer who already worked for UDO Audio, or on the tube Synthesizer Knifonium.

According to the picture and developer info at Gearspace it will be a 4x multi-timbral 24-voice wavetable Synthesizer with 3 wavetable oscillators, 2 analog filters (SVF morph & ladder lowpass), 4 LFOs, 4 envelopes, 2 FXs, and a sequencer. 

Groove Synthesis 3 Wave teaser

In the picture below, you can also see that there are three dedicated sections for each wavetable including controls for pitch, fine, wavetable, wave offset, and level. There are also mysterious wave flow and wave surfer functions. Plus volume and hold.

3rd Wave has a big user interface with a huge number of knobs. So the operation is probably very hands-on and direct. That would be awesome. Further, there are classic white buttons and a big screen wrapped with knobs and buttons.

Groove Synthesis website

The design is extremely similar to the legendary PPG Wave with its blue and white buttons but with a much more modern design language. Could it be the evolution of the PPG Wave? Wavetables with analog filters? It would be desirable.

According to the Groove Synthesis website, 3rd Wave Synthesizer will be announced in 2022. Looking forward to the full feature set.

More information here: Groove Synthesis

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  1. Well Waldorf been doing wavetables for quite a while. Wavetables and analogue filter is nothing new (again, Waldorf).
    The hands-on on this synth looks great. Can’t wait to hear the Behringer haters to shout “Groove ripped the PPG”, but of course they won’t.

    • Christ “Bob”, you cannot be seriously this F*cking obtuse or deliberately dumb! And there isn’t a third option. You cannot compare the work of a small dedicated team of two to a multinational that literally has hundreds of engineers and millions of dollars at its disposal and still chooses to fleece, steal, rip off, and clone the works of others to the point that it no longer resembles smart business, but just naked thievery.

      If you can’t tell the difference, then you simply lack basic intelligence. And hating what Behringer does, does not make the masses “haters”. Are you twelve to even use a term like that? Jesus man, try being one for size.

  2. Groove Synthesis or Behringer : as long we got an upgrated PPG wave synthesizer it is good. And some competition is good for gettinga real good quality.

    And I know : Waldorf was the first to uplift the PPG to a new level but I like to combine an original PPG Wave 2, 2.2, 2.3 ”clone” to all the apps of Wolfgang Palm (PPG WaveGenerator, PPG WaveMapper, PPG Infinite, PPG Phonem), so…

    • actually Synthtopia is much older website, and most likely Synthanatomy was in some way inspired by Synthtopia. Which doesn’t make it a knockoff, both are loved and often report different things.

    • Synthtopia is a ‘angsty anti-Behringer hate site’. this just spillover.

      I find most wavetable demos unimpressive. there isn’t a ounce of subtlety is any of their programming. mostly big washy pads and ear-wrenching stabs. no thank you!

      I AM A ROBOT!!!!!#@#@

  3. Synthanatomy, I don’t know where you got your info, but the person you stated as the founder is incorrect.

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