Virsyn Tera Pro, modular polyphonic Synthesizer for iPad with AUv3

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Virsyn Tera Pro is a new multi-synthesis modular polyphonic Synthesizer for iPad with AUv3 support, MPE, and over 1800+ presets.  

The AUv3 plugin format was a revolution for the iOS world. Initially, apps could only be used in a single instance. Thanks to AUv3, you can use them like plugins on PC/Mac in multiple instances on your iOS device. A big step forward but it is also a more stable format than AudioBus and IAA.

From the developer side, it was a rather slow move to AUv3. Many have only decided to port apps after a long time. Today Virsyn released Tera Pro, a major update for its modular polyphonic Synthesizer. Of course wth AUv3 support.

Virsyn Tera Pro

Virsyn Tera Pro

Tera Pro by Harry Gohs aka Virsyn is a new 128-voice modular polyphonic Synthesizer for iPad. It is the successor to the Tera Synthesizer for iOS, initially released in 2014. It brings together again all major sound synthesis methods in one app. You can explore virtual analog, FM, waveshaping, or wavetable synthesis. Plus there are some bits of physical modeling, additive and vocal synthesis in the engines. Unlimited oscillator fun.

Then, you have a mixer with an oscilloscope with direct visual feedback, a multimode filter, a multi-effects processor, a deep modulation engine with LFOs, envelopes… and a versatile step sequencer. A lot of what you know from the first Tera version. The engine allows you to create mono, dual or polyphonic patches with split voices.

Virsyn Tera Pro

Virsyn promises an organic warm sound character thanks to vintage voice modeling technology. Anyone who use the non-Pro version of Tera knows that the synth is a modular synth without cables. This is also the case in the new Pro version. Here, the user can easily connect modules and build up big modular patches. A lot of menu diving but without virtual cable salad.

Playability & Connectivity

Tera Pro supports MPE, Bluetooth MIDI, and Ableton Link. So the internal sequencer keeps in sync with other iPad music-making apps. Virsyn ships the app with over 1800 factory presets. A huge number and perfect to get a first impression without going deep directly.

One of the biggest highlights of the Pro version is certainly the support for the AUv3 plugin format. The synth is now a plugin that can be used in multiple instances. Besides the AUv3 version, the app also works in standalone with Inter-App-Audio (IAA).

Sound Demo

Doug from the Sound Test Room YouTube channel was able to preview the app and released a large sound demo.

Feature side, Tera Pro is not a massive upgrade. But I am very happy to see that the modular “all-rounder” Synthesizer from Virsyn now also supports AUv3. Hopefully, Harry Gohs will enable in the near future also the option to use it on M1 computers. That would be great.

Virsyn Tera Pro is available now for iPad for an introductory price of $9,99 USD for a limited time.

More information here: App Store 

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  1. Virsyn Tera Synth was also AUv3. Tera pro’s sound engine seems to be rewritten (less aliasing and sounds less harsh).
    The user interface has improved a lot. On the downside, it’s a bit more CPU hungry.

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