Arcaico Gorgone v2, a pool of analog effects (VCF, distortion, delay) in a module

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Arcaico Gorgone v2 is the second, improved version of its analog multi-fx processor module (VCF, distortion, delay) for Eurorack.

Gorgons is a word often associated with Greek mythology. The term most commonly refers to three fearsome sisters (creatures) with hairs made of living, venomous snakes and horrifying visages. You can also find the name in music tech.

When I read the name, I always immediately think of the mighty Gorgon, a brutal, experimental multi-fx all about distortions from Inear Display. Unfortunately, discontinued but available as a free download. A module from the Italian Eurorack company Arcaico also bears this frightening name.

Arcaico Gorgone V2

It is an all-analog multi-fx module now available in a revised v2.

Arcaico Gorgone v2

According to Arcaico, Gorgone was their first module, and they have decided to re-release this in an improved form.

Gorgone (18HP) is an analog multi-effects processor with a pool of analog effects, including a VCF, distortion, and a delay. Effects that harmonize very well with each other. They are internally chained following the order VCF – distortion – delay.

In version 2, you can now use the effects in different orders, individually or mix them. And the parameters are all CV controllable, making it a very powerful signal processor.

Filter, Distortion, Delay

The VCF is a 12dB/oct resonating multimode filter with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass. It has a range from 160hz up to 12kHz. Self-oscillation is possible, resulting in a perfect sine wave.

Then, the distortion is inspired by the MXR M-104 distortion. You get CV control on the drive; the output amplifier allows high distortion levels.

The delay section is a digital/analog hybrid reproducing the classic vintage BBD/echo tape delays (min 0,05 to max 2 seconds). CV control is available on the time and wet-out parameters.

Exciting is that the effects are output in stereo with a CV-controllable pan. The built-in effects aren’t stereo, but I’m assuming they’re duplicating the actual signal in the circuit to create the stereo signal

First Impression

A very characterful module. I’m glad to see that there are also multi-fx with analog effects. I am very interested in testing this module because there are three effects that can certainly generate very mighty sounds. And everything can be modulated. Miam Miam, very tasty.

Arcaico Gorgone v2 is available now for 270€.

More information here: Arcaico

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