Ableton Live 11.2 gets AUv3 support, reverb device makeover & more

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Ableton Live 11.2 free update is now in public beta: it brings iOS AUv3 plugin integration, a major makeover for the Reverb device, and more.

Good news for live users. Ableton released Live 11.2 today in public beta with some very nice feature updates.

A very pleasing free update, especially for macOS users who can benefit from two very interesting features

Ableton Live 11.2 reverb

Ableton Live 11.2

Live 11.2 update brings a major makeover of the standard reverb device in every Live edition. It comes with a refreshed, modernized U with improved usability, and subtle sound improvements. It definitely looks better now and it has also new features. The developers added a switchable filter type to the high filter in Reverb’s diffusion network. You can choose between a one-pole lowpass filter or a low-shelf filter.

The tuner device now includes three new options for note spellings. You can access a menu with these options when you right-click anywhere within Tuner’s UI: Sharps (C#),  Flats (D♭), Sharps and Flats (C#/D♭).

Then, you benefit from improvements in the capture MIDI functionality. So the capture results are no longer influenced by the song tempo set by the target track’s previous capture attempts. Plus, when Live’s transport is running, the Capture MIDI will keep longer phrases in captured clips. There are also updates for control surfaces, interfaces, Max for Live and more. Check the full changelog on the Ableton webpage.

Ableton Live 11.2

macOS AUv3 Support

For macOS users with an Apple M1 computer, this free Ableton Live 11.2 update is a big one. One that many have been waiting for. First, you can finally set Live’s audio preferences to follow the system sound settings. A super handy feature that you quickly learn to appreciate. This is available for macOS Intel and M1 users. 

The next feature update will look different. Live 11.2 update will introduce AUv3 support, making iOS plugins available to music makers using Macs with Apple Silicon (M1…) chips. Currently, the feature is a bit buggy but once it works it could be something big for macOS users. So you can use iOS apps with AUv3 support, whether instrument or effect, in Ableton Live.

Condition, unfortunately, the developers have to agree to the AUv3 version for macOS. There aren’t that many at the moment. I hope that this step will encourage more developers to do this change. So also non iPad/iPhone users can download and use iOS AUv3 plugins from mac App Store. Means more sales for the developer.

Thanks, Ableton for the AUv3, that’s a big surprise. After the initial Logic Pro/Garageband/Mainstage 3 exclusivity, and Reaper, Ableton Live is now the third “DAW” to have the AUv3 format.

Ableton Live 11.2 is available as a free download as a public beta. The official release TBA.

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  1. Auv3 on mac. Cool that it’s technically possible, but since mac plugins often are at least three times as expensive as their ios counterpart (klevgrand borsta: 59.99 for Mac, 19.99 ios; korg gadget mac: 299, ios: 39.99 (though included gadgets differ); eventide black hole mac: 199, ios: 19.99) I expect just about zero usefulness.

    • I think you didn’t understand it. You can use iOS apps with AUv3 support on macOS. If developers enable the mac AUv3 functionality you can download it for free from the mac app store if you own the iOS version.

      • I thin he did understand. Developes active on both platforms will probably not make their IOS versions available on MacOS.

          • Cool entries to be sure. But does the list go on?
            When developers can ask different prices for just different screen resolutions (ipad version, phone version, appletv version of the exact same app), and they already ask a 10 fold premium for mac compatibility (developed in Xcode, sometimes literaly just ticking a box when exporting), being able to load them only puts this practice in the spotlight.
            Kudos to Drambo and Moog for going truly universal. It would be nice to have a place to find the others and praise them too.

        • There are some incredibly cool AUv3 plugins that doesn‘t exist on desktop. Moog and Drambo probably the most known examples. You are right that plugins that are on both platforms would probably cannibalize their desktop sales but you must also see that there is virtually no piracy on iOS. I don’t know how is piracy for Mac AppStore software, though. But on the other hand there the Apple 30% tax – for high priced products 30% are a lot. Would be interesting to know how this sums up. Another story is that there are many cool plugins from one man indie developers where you don’t know how long they support their plugins, but at the iOS prices it’s a risk you can take.

  2. Very interesting!
    Got quite a few AUv3 plugins which are available on macOS (i.e, which weren’t restricted by devs). At the same time, my experience testing them in Logic Pro has been quite disappointing. Many fail validation, crash, or prove unusable because of GUI issues.
    Still, I’m more than willing to test that in Live. As I only have Live 11 Lite (which is currently 11.1.5), I can’t do that now.

  3. I know i am making a big assumption here but could it be that Ableton is preparing to bring their software to the Ipad where you can find all Auv3 apps?
    There are some leaks of Apple bringing Logic to the Ipad now that it has the M1 ship. So more a move to get ableton to the Ipad rather than bringing Auv3 to the Mac. I sure would be happy about that but of course this is probably not going to happen anytime soon..

    • At the moment I wouldn’t expect that. Given the 30% Apple tax on the AppStore I think it is very difficult to be successful with such a high priced product. Maybe Live Lite or Intro. Adding a touch UI to Live would be a huge effort and would probably only make sense if they plan to do that for desktop, too.

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