Gotharman’s zaTurn, multi-timbral polyphonic modular Synthesizer in a box

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Gotharman’s zaTurn is a new powerful feature-rich multi-timbral polyphonic modular Synthesizer with no patch cables in a compact box.

Let’s stay with small developers. But this time one who also manufactures synthesizers. Gotharman’s from Denmark is known for very special, hand-made full-featured synthesizers with special concepts.

His latest Synthesizer development is called zaTurn and is as feature-packed as his other products.

 Gotharman's ZaTurn

Gotharman’s zaTurn

zaTurn is the latest release from Danish boutique Synthesizer manufacturer Gotharman’s. The design should be familiar to most by now. Again square and very compact. This time it’s a multi-timbral poly Synthesizer with memory. Instead of real patch cables, all connections between the modules, module settings, sequences, and samples assignments can be stored for instant recall.

zaTurn has in total 4 equal groups (A,B,C,D) in which you can arrange the modules in two parts so you get in total 8 parts with morphing functionality. According to Gotharman’s you can trigger each part separately and come each with a separate output module. You can link the parts in any way with which you can achieve rich  monophonic (8 parts) and polyphonic sounds (2×4 notes…).

The feature set is typically Gotharman’s very extensive: each group features different oscillators, analog/digital filters, VCAs, effects, modulators, and more. Starting with the oscillators. here you can choose between waveforms, pitched noise, drum oscillator models, samples, or wavetables. Plus, oscillator B offers a special shaping sine wave and there is an option to output a simple unpitched white noise generator. A colorful selection of sound generators.

Analog/Digital Filters

Then, Gotharman’s engineered a new filter for the zaTurn Synthesizer that gives you 12dB dual self-resonating analog filters with a special character. There are in total four dual analog filters onboard (one per group) as well as four digital filters with 27 different types.

Including standard filters, triple, sharp, tube… These filters are arranged as LPF and BPF in parallel to each other. Each group also features 2 VCAs with a freely-assignable ADSR envelope with 16 different characteristics and a clip parameter.

Yes, there are also effects onboard. In each group, you can find two effect processors (8 in total) that bundle many effects from the Little deFormer plus a new reverb, a wavefolder, and some new pitch effects.

The feature extravaganza also continues in the modulation section: 4 multi-wave LFOs with curve parameters, 2 free-assignable envelopes (ADSR + decay envelope with loop options), and 2 samples and hold generators. Not in total but per group!

Further, you get a ring VCA per group with several modes including ring modulation, AND, XOR, and mix. Lastly, you get 2 output modes per group that handles the final output level and the stereo panning.

A patch matrix manages here the connections between the modules. Here you also find 8 patch points for inter-connections of the four groups. This makes very complex modular sounds possible. Internally, you can save up to 1024 presets, 1024 songs, and 64 favorite sounds.

ZaTurn also comes with 16 sequencer controller tracks, each with 128 steps that work with notes but also transmit MIDI CC’s data.


Connection side, it comes with a USB port, a stereo input/outputs, headphone socket and MIDI In/Out ports. A CV/gate section is not on board. You can operate zaTurn  with a touch display, 11 knobs, and buttons.

Another interesting powerful Gotherman’s Synthesizer. Modular with a very own concept. The synths are hand-made, which unfortunately has its price.

Gotharman’s zaTurn is available now for pre-ordering for 1709€ with a 10% discount.

More information here: Gotharman’s 

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  1. Very interesting. This is the way most brands should go. Why limit the possibilities of digital when there’s so much you can do with it. Multi-engines on one pack is great to see. The price though…

  2. I am a proud owner of this and lucky to own the first model on pre order
    I am aware of Gotharman power being the owner of an Ld3mk2 and the Spaxedrum
    The Zaturn is smaller than both.An absolute joy to use with enough power to satisfy any synth freak. A list of great efx that work Just as well when it comes to sound design.

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