Behringer releases CU1A, 2-channel Eurorack USB-C audio interface module

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Behringer CU1A module adds a 2-channel USB-C audio interface to your Eurorack case without having to leave the rack.

Good news from Behringer. The CU1A 2-channel audio interface for Eurorack is now shipping from the factory. The very handy module announced last August (2023) is now ready and being shipped to dealers.

The first batch will be available in the coming weeks, depending on the chosen logistics. 

Behringer CU1A

Official Feature Set

The Behringer CU1A is a classic 2-channel class-compliant USB-C audio interface in an 8HP Eurorack format. It has a resolution of 48KHz, giving you high audio quality.

Behringer says it works with macOS and Windows computers without drivers. As it’s class-compliant, I’m pretty sure it also works with Linux and mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

On the connection side, it has two mini-jack inputs and outputs to get signals in and out of the computer. A stereo headphones output with dedicated level controls lets you monitor both input and output.

It is very good that the module does not draw any power from your Eurorack power solution. According to Behringer, it’s bus-powered via USB-C.

It is a very helpful module, especially for recording seamlessly Eurorack signals on your computer. It is also a very interesting module to process external signals through Eurorack effects, filters, etc. Alternatively, you can manipulate Eurorack signals with effects plugins and send them back to the system. A very flexible module.

Behringer CU1A is out now for $79 and available soon from retailers.


Article From August 1st, 2023

Modular synths are more popular than ever. Especially thanks to the Eurorack format. They are great for experimenting with sounds and signals. If you want to capture your sounds, you need an audio interface.

Since the Eurorack signal is hotter than that of classic synths, you have to be careful with the input levels of your audio interface. This is easier with Eurorack modules that have an audio interface built in; see Expert Sleepers. Behringer is also working on a compact, simple solution to capture your sounds directly in the rack.

Behringer CU1A

Behringer CU1A

The CU1A is a new 2-channel USB-C audio interface for Eurorack. The device that you actually know in box-shaped form but here it’s a module that can be screwed into the rack. According to Behringer, it’s not an official product yet. Currently, it is a development from an employee.

Behringer uses the design of his Boog modules with a black and silver finish. It features a USB-C port for connecting it to your computer. Hope it’s class-compliant so you could also connect it to iPads, iPhones etc, and work with effects apps. There is a monitor switch, a volume knob, and a phones input. On the bottom, you can find stereo input and output on two sockets each.

I hope Behringer will release the product. More features would be nice, but if it’s small and affordable, I’m not saying no. But four inputs would also be very nice.

There are few audio interface modules on the market. I fondly remember the Audio Damage Odio audio interface module. I used to mangle my Euro signals with iPad apps. Also great for recording Eurorack jams straight into your computer without going through a field recorder.

Behringer CU1A availability and price TBA

More information here: Behringer 

Behringer Eurorack modules are available at my partner

Thomann Sweetwater

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  1. A Eurorack-friendly, 2-channel (also agree with your wish for more!), DC-coupled interface, AND it’s a relatively small rackable unit?!


    We need this badly. The entry-costs involved with integrating a modular build with PC/non-Apple devices (in my case; mainly Ableton for CV Tools & VCV Rack, for DAW CV/modulation generation & vice-versa, as well as convenient general audio routing from Modular→PC/Digitakt/etc.) has been one of the biggest factors keeping me from commiting to my first build… As incredibly feature-packed the Expert Sleepers interfacing units are, they are prohibitively expensive for my wallet, so this could open up MANY doors, imo.

    I could imagine this being part of a perfect ultra-compact “Modular Interface Hub”, along with the Doepfer/E.S./Boepfer MIDI-CV converter & a CV-MIDI module, maybe a small Master Line-I/O Mixer, a couple 2-4hp utilities; toss ’em all into a powered 4ms Pod or a DIY micro case, and now you have the ideal lil’ backpack-able bridge between your rig & any sampler/synth/PC you could ever need!

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