FCPro Audio Mixthesizer, a fully customizable mixer dedicated to synthesizers

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FCPro Audio unveiled the Mixthesizer at SynthFest France 2022, a fully customizable all-knob mixer that is dedicated to synthesizers. 

Mixers are universal devices. I’m not talking about the latest kitchen appliances that can conjure up a vegetable/fruit smoothie in no time. This is of course about audio mixers, yes your audio smoothies. With these you can mix all kinds of signals like synthesizers, guitars, microphones… together.

At SynthFest France 2022, the new Italian developer FCPro Audio presented a mixer for synthesizers. Our friends from the French YouTube channel Les Sondiers have sent over pictures of the new Mixthesizer.

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer
© Les Sondiers

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer

Mixthesizer is a fully customizable studio-quality mixer dedicated to synthesizers. The developer says it’s the first of its kind. The mixer is heavily geared towards live performances and should form the center of a live setup.

The highlight is its modularity. Every user can put together the Mixthesizer they want using the upcoming configurator on the FCPro Audio website. Once ordered, the manufacturer builds your ordered mixer.

Mixthesizer front

Mixthesizer consists of two areas: the front-panel inputs/outputs and the controls. It has a fully analog path with 8, 16, 24, 32, or 36 stereo or mono input channels configurable to your needs. On top, you also have a customizable auxiliary section that can have more than 4 aux sends & returns and one or more audio outputs.

You can also decide what socket type your inputs/outputs of your mixer should have: jack, minijack, XLR, db25… So you can configure your perfect mixer exactly with the features you really need. Plus, it has a front-panel pre-amplifier section inputs/outputs and main out.

Unlike classic mixers, the Mixthesizer doesn’t have faders for each channel. Only knobs are used here, both small and large ones. Each channel has a large knob for volume and mini knobs for aux and panning. On the right side, you also get a full pre-amp and main control section.

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer
© Les Sondiers

The mixer looks it is built like a tank. The green army like look definitely reinforces this sentences  According to the Les Sondiers video from SynthFest France 2022, the mixer weighs 2-3 kg. So no plastic device. It is not confirmed whether the color can also be changed. It would be a good exta feature in the upcoming configurator.


Very neat, can also upgrade the mixer at any time. If you started with an 8-channel mixer, you can always send the mixer back to FCPro Audio and they will add more channels to the used device. That’s very exciting, so you don’t always have to buy new products. So you can start with a small budget and expand as you have more money.

The developers promise the use of high-quality components that ensure high sound quality. To reinforce this, the developer includes an external linear power supply that does not interfere with the signals.

An exciting new product from new Italian Boutique developer FCPro Audio. Especially that it’s a unqiue take on a classic mixer that focuses on the use of synthesizers.

FCPro Audio will publish in 3-4 weeks an online configurator with which you can configure your Mixthesizer. The price always varies depending on the many channels you want. The Mixthesizer with 24 channels (video) will be around 2000€. It takes 4-5 weeks from the moment the order is confirmed.

More information here: FCPro Audio

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  1. I agree, with rotary faders, you don’t have accurate gain control and can only bring up two knobs at once. Slide faders offer a comfortable place to rest the fingers. I usually ride my mix with my fingers on eight faders. It also looks messy, good luck trying to source your channel quickly.

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