Animal Factory Amplification Bonesaw, a wild filter module with drive and FM

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Animal Factory Amplification Bonesaw is a new 10HP filter module with built-in drive and FM that lets you explore wild, crunchy filtering. 

Sound can be extremely versatile: from soft, gentle sounds that float like a cloud to timbres that get under your skin and into your bones. For friends of the latter kind, there is a new filter module from Animal Factory Amplification that is anything but classic.

The Indian company is known for very unique sounding effect pedals and Eurorack modules that delve deep into dirty and destructive sonic worlds. Bonesaw is a new filter module release that allows you to explore the dark side of filtering.

nimal Factory Amplification Bonesaw

We took the sloppiness of a drunk surgeon operating on sonic limbs and packed it into 10HP!

Animal Factory Amplification Bonesaw

Bonesaw is a new characterful 6dB state-variable filter with individual lowpass, bandpass, and highpass outputs. It has classic controls for the cutoff frequency and resonance. Then, there is also a pre-filter drive with a dedicated potentiometer that beefs and heads up your signal. Perfect for crunchy, dirty, singing filtering effects.

The resonance can also self-oscillate and can be used as a wild timbre-rich oscillator thanks to the built-in FM. You want the Bonesaw to sound even more knocky and aggressive, no problem. You can dial in extremely precise of FM, either from an external input source or internally from the bandpass path.

Further, there is a hidden neat extra functionality. The module comes with an internal cable that lets you interconnect the Bonesaw VCF with the Vivisect attenuverting mixer module to create a 3-band EQ/pole-mixing filter. A very useful addition. On the CV side, you get inputs for the frequency, FM amount, and resonance giving you tons of patching flexibility.

Rough, aggressive, full of juice but all very musical, that’s Animal Factory Amplification’s specialty. In the new Bonesaw filter, they continue this impressively. A perfect module to explore the dirty side of sound design.

Animal Factory Amplification Bonesaw is available now for 180€.

More information here: Animal Factory Amplification

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