Deckard’s Voice Announced, A New CS-80 Inspired Semi-Modular Synthesizer For Eurorack

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Deckard’s Voice is a new semi-modular Synthesizer Eurorack Voice from the creators of the Deckard’s Dream

With the Deckard’s Dream, the Japanese company Black Corporation brought the magic of the CS-80 back on the market. Not as a 1 to 1 clone but as a tribute to the legendary Yamaha Synthesizer. “A replicant” as the company itself says.

The Deckard’s Dream family is growing not in the form of a new keyboard version but as a new Deckard’s Voice for Eurorack Synthesizers. Deckard’s Voice is based on an analog voice of the Deckard’s Dream Synthesizer that has been modularized. It features a VCO with 1V/oct, VCF (LP & HP), 2 envelopes (ADSR, ADR), LFO, dedicated LFO for the PWM and VCA.

Deckard's Voice

The VCO has a range from 1′ to 32′ and offers different waveforms: square, “glitched” saw, sine and noise as well as FM and PWM. For the individual waveforms are single outputs available, very good. The filter is a 12dB LP & HP which can be found also in the Deckard’s Dream Synthesizer. A cool addition is the filter input, with which you can route other oscillator sources in the module.

There are also some patch points: 1V/oct, FM In, Gate, LFO Speed CV, LFO Out, PWM Speed, PW CV, Filter In, Brilliance CV, EG Level CV, Master Out, Square Out, Saw Out, Sine Out, Noise Out, Mix Out, Resonance CV, EG Out, and Line Out. Interesting is the line out with which you can connect the module to a mixer or stereo system. This allows you to use the module as independent monophonic Synthesizer without a big Eurorack system. There is no level knob on the front panel but you can adjust the maximum volume on the backside.

Surely, an interesting idea, a CS-80 as synth voice for the Eurorack system. Not every musician will need this sound though but there will be pretty sure a target group for it. Thus, we have a monophonic CS-80 tribute that you can use also as a standalone synth, but you need a small case and a CV / Gate Keyboard.

Black Corporation Story

Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice will be available in autumn. Price TBA

More information here: Black Corporation 

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