J_NO is a new free Roland Juno chorus emulation for iOS (AUv3)

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The sound of the Roland Juno chorus effect goes mobile in a new free AUv3 app J_NO for iOS (iPhone/iPad) developed by Adam Bell

The sound of the Roland Juno is classic. It is difficult to get a bad sound out of this synth range. With or without a chorus, they put smiles on the faces of musicians. Nils Frahm plays whole concerts with the Juno and it sounds fantastic. Let’s stay with the chorus, which has many friends to this day.

In the meantime, many companies have captured the magic sound of this chorus in hardware and software emulations. Just recently in a plugin by Arturia. There is now an emulation for iOS and it doesn’t cost anything.


J_NO Chorus

J_NO is a vintage chorus effect for iOS that emulates the mighty legendary chorus effect from the Roland Juno Synthesizer series. The developer says that it pays homage to a very famous effect from the 80s by re-creating the warmth a bucket brigade chorus gives.

The AUv3 app is as simple as the original. Two buttons with which you can choose between the two models. You can also press both to use them together like on the original synths. A mix leveler is a bit hidden in a sub-section of the interface. Attention, you need an AUv3 host to run the app as it doesn’t run as a standalone app. So you can load it in Auria Pro, AUM, and other host applications. At the time of this writing, there was no sound demo. Nonetheless, it’s a solid-sounding Juno chorus emulation for your iOS device. Thanks. Adam.


J_NO is available as a free download for iOS (iPad/iPhone) from the AppStore and runs as an AUv3 plugin.

More information here: Adam Bell

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