Behringer Model D Soul, a portable $99 analog Minimoog-style Synthesizer

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Behringer shrinks their Moog Minimoog clone/replica and squeezes it into a portable $99 Model D Soul analog Synthesizer with sequencer

And it continues with another Behringer announcement. Sorry I would report on others but they keep announcing. It would be a refreshing change to also announce that another of their synthesizers is available for purchase. At the moment, however, they prefer to announce rather than deliver.

There’s another addition for the new mini Synthesizer series (Soul, Spirit). This time, they shrunk their Moog Minimoog replica/clone Model D.

Behringer Model D Soul

Behringer Model D Soul

The Model D Soul is the little brother of the regular Behringer Model D clone. With less analog power but much more compact and affordable. Like its brother, it is based on the circuits of the legendary Moog Minimoog from the 1970s.

Not sure if we get one oscillator or three oscillators with shared controls. Each oscillator features a multi-wave oscillator (VCO) with saw, triangle, shark, square and pulse waveforms. Plus, you get a noise generator with white and pink noise timbres. Next to this, you have an authentic reproduction of the iconic ladder lowpass filter with resonance control. Must not be missing in any Minimoog-style Synthesizer.

Then, you get a single envelope for the VCA with an option to route it also to the filter cutoff with a variable amount. There is also an LFO with 4 different waveforms that can be used for animating the filter, and more.

You can either play it with the built-in 27-keys touch keyboard or with the 16-step sequencer with 8 memory slots and motion recording. Thus, it allows you to record knob movements in the sequence. The keyboard also serves as a menu for the sequencer and more.

Behringer Model D Soul

On the connection side, the Model D Soul has a sync input and output to synchronize with your other synthesizers or drum machines, a big classic MIDI input and a USB micro input. The latter allows you to power the unit via your smartphone, power bank or computer. Behringer says it comes with a comprehensive MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save).


It’s getting cheaper and cheaper to get an analog replica of the Minimoog. Here one doesn’t take up any space in the studio.

Behringer Model D Soul will be available in the near future for $99 USD. The product is fully completed and ready for production. Once they will receive the chips, this synth will be produced and shipped to the retailers.

More information will follow here: Behringer

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  1. How dare they clone Behringer’s Model D! This is outrageous!

    Anyway, people still get bent out of shape when Behringer announces stuff? I’d be happy if I owned a news site. Those article clicks baby! $_$ They’ve barely announced anything since the pandemic started and they have multiple teams working on stuff. It was inevitable. So far, they always deliver.

    I’m hoping they announce some new eurorack gear. Hopefully they provide an update on their 909 drum sequencer and guitar pedal fx modules.

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