Behringer TD-3-MO, the modded out version of the TD-3 is available now In Yellow

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Behringer TD-3-MO, the “modded out” version of the bestselling TD-3 Bassline Synthesizer based on the Devil Fish TB-303, is available now, and already sold out.

Update (10:32PM CET) the TD-3-MO is available now in limited quantities at Thomann

In July 2021, Behringer announced the TD-3-MO, the modded out version of its TD-3 Bassline Synthesizer. Where the TD-3 is a classic analog clone/replica of the legendary Roland TB-303, the TD-3-MO is a clone/replica of the Devil Fish Mod. A modification by Robin Whittle that you never officially get in shops.

It took more than 6 months but the wait is over now. The TD-3-MO is now available for purchase. If you want it in silver, you don’t need to wait or pre-order it, it’s available now for 198€.  

Behringer TD-3-MO Yellow

Behringer TD-3-MO

The main core of the TD-3-MO is identical to that in the TD-3: single sawtooth/square waveform VCO with transistor wave-shaping circuitry, 4-pole lowpass filter with resonance, 16-step sequencer… But the MO circuit incorporates the Devil Fish hacks that unveil new functionalities that the regular TD-3 don’t offer.

The TD-3-MO ships with a new sub-harmonics oscillator with switchable out level gives you more low end and expands the sonic spectrum of the TD-3. They added a new analog slide circuitry with external slide control perfect for tying notes together. On the user interface, you can find a new slide time control that gives you up to 6 time longer slide times as on the TD-3.Then, you get new switches for the sweep speed and accent. The first gives you 3 accent speed modes (slow, norm, fast) while the accent has 3 sweep combinations with a high resonance mode.

Filter and VCA also got a wild upgrades. It offers an expanded filter range as well as the filter frequency is fully controllable via MIDI-CC. Also it incorporates filter FM that modulates the frequency of the filter from the audio output of the VCA. Filter tracking of the current note is also onboard.

Behringer TD-3-MO

More Devil Fish Features

Like on the original Devil Fish mod, it also adds a new muffler circuit to the VCA that features a post VCA distortion with full bass response. Further, you get a dedicated accent push button with which you can manually activate the accent. TD-3-MO also hosts new soft attack & normal controls giving you a wider range of attack and decay times for non-accent notes. The additional accent control adds a wider range of decay time for accented notes.

Instead of the TD-3 distortion, the TD-3-MO is equipped with a new overdrive that adds spice and edge to your sounds. Behringer also expanded the modular connectivity on the TD-3-MO and added new CV and gate inputs and outputs.

As I said in the announcement, I would have preferred an official collaboration between the two companies, but unfortunately they didn’t come together. Nonetheless, if you want a wilder, more experimental take on the TD-3, look no further. It is more expensive than the TD-3 but offers significantly more features.

Behringer TD-3-MO is available now in yellow in limited quantities for 235€ (10:32PM CET)

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  1. I’ve had mine for about a month. I ordered from Sweetwater in January. They told me it was going to be awhile before they got them in… 2 days later, it arrived at my house. When I saw the email telling me it had shipped, I thought for sure they must have sent me a regular TD-3 by mistake. Nope…. It was modded out as ordered!


    • der Artikel ging gestern online, da war der erste Batch an Geräten online und sofort verfügbar. Sind aber jetzt wieder vergriffen sorry

  2. This article is very misleading. As of February 16, 2022 when the day this was released, none of the retailers had them in stock. So this article is definitely misleading and untrue.

    Sweetwater USA shipped about 50 units in January 2022. After those small numbers were shipped they’re not gonna get anymore until May 2022

    And this is from Behringer directly.

    So this is just a cheap advertising gimmick paid for by Behringer to some of these music websites. It’s almost fake news.

    We have checked with other retailers around the globe and the same thing they were only sent a very small batch to deal with some of the pre-orders.

    Sweetwater has about another 25 to 30 pre-orders that are unfulfilled.

    As of February 18, 2022

    • The article is not misleading! When I released the article, Thomann, Musicstore Germany… had first batches online, ready for order with instant shipping. First come, first serve.
      Sorry, I don’t have a system that updates each store’s stocks in real-time.

      Welcome in the chip/supply crises where every product has delays. Same for TD-3-MO, they will come back in larger quantities but every order takes these days more time.

      Wow, “cheap paid advertising by Behringer”, wait I need a bit of popcorn, I didn’t know that B. send me money after they attacked me because I don’t write 100% positively (media partner) about them.

      And that you understand it too, I have it marked big “and already sold out”.

      • Actually, they had already sold out of the 50(estimated) that they were given prior to you putting this ad up. (These were gone by the end of January 2022.)

        You weren’t the only one that put this ad up after the fact. Which you can understand from someone who is “in the industry “ and is also a consumer of ‘fine Analog synthesizers’… Well those people see things differently and know how to get to the bottom line really quick. So when seeing an ad like this post… feathers could be ruffled.

        And when you look at the current situation, a company releases a very very small percentage of units that are on back order and then the online publications who also serve as affiliate partners for the retail partners, puts articles like this out… it’s definitely an advertising mechanism.

        I’m not mad at you. Thank you for changing the copy and adding the read text.

        More importantly thank you very much for your response!

        • I find it bizarre that you claim something without knowing exactly whether it’s true or not. This is today’s world.

          Affiliate marketing is not advertising. I can’t force you buying this exactly product you click on it. I just link to a shop with 10.000+ products. You probably ended up buying a pair of new 5€ cables or even nothing. So my relationship is between the shops and not Behringer.

          Advertising would be: Behringer would pay an ad for x €/$ slot on my website. If you follow B, they don’t make this since years (they also said it multiple times in posts). Affiliate marketing is a way how I can finance my work on this website, YouTube content, life, my apples, my bananas, pay my rent… I could also change my business model and ask like big YTers “500€+” for a review just on the website. I don’t make it. I prefer affiliate marketing with clear disclaimers on top of every article. And stuff with which I have major problems (bad deals…) I don’t use affiliate links at all.

          You read this article on January 19th, I published the news in the morning on 16th, so three days where 1000s of people could order it. Talking about very small batches + putting out an article. I saw it on the Thomann website on the 16th that the silver one has a green status for instant availability. As I don’t know how many units are available (10 or 5000), it’s for me enough to inform people that the first units are ready for order without long pre-orders. I inform that’s my job. Always in the mind: it’s first come first serve. This was so far for every Behringer product (2600, Neutron, Model D…)

          I don’t have an active business relationship with B as I’m not a 100% positive B-media. So very impossible that they ask me for an ad 😉

          • I actually read your article the day it came out. And by the time your article had come out all of the TD3MO that were sent in January we’re already gone in one week. And those were just dealing with ‘some’ of the back orders.

            So for everybody in the know who understands that by the time the SA article went online all the stores were already out of them again, Well it makes the article look like a hype piece to keep interest renewed about a product that is having trouble being distributed.

            Generally speaking, I think this website does a really good job.
            The only thing I would do is invest more resources in your online video/YouTube channel… And don’t look back.

            Thank you again for your response.

          • I had C. the last two weeks and I wasn’t in mood and health condition to release something deeper on the channel.
            YouTube is a very difficult territory with music tech. I have to pay my rent, pay my apple, bananas… and on YouTube, you can’t live from the YouTube ad money.
            The industry is an extreme niche with little companies who don’t have a lot of money to invest in advertising on Y. And those who are capable to make are very few. This means YTers get significantly less money through YT ads for their content compared to a smartphone reviewer. Conclusion: my income comes from the website, not YouTube,so that’s why my focus is here and less on YT.

  3. If I was to describe myself as a person with some software who’s interested in getting into HW, this offering from B is great. Boutique bass synth under $250 with a sequencer (*coughs* Circuit MonoStation at clearance) is a great deal, there’s no reason NOT to recommend an instrument like this.
    Here’s the kick in the head, it’s frustrating to fit busy monosynth tracks/samples to projects. In the SW world it’s as easy as a tune change, sequence, automation…ect. When your building with analog bricks, hours go by mixing the mortar where the ratio in construction is 5:1, in audio production 1:5 on the “glue” could be seen as a waste.
    Perhaps B will sell many of these units. ACID and ELECTRO are awesome genres but seem to remain niche at best. There is likely a reality where MINT examples of this synth are available ’till the end of time, starting with $180 grabs from people that “my loss/yer gain” (credit pay offs). Sorry, just a read on the market from my arm chair.

    SA, sorry to hear you’ve been C+, it’s great news that your pulling through and committed to the site. The approach to ad’s and such here is hyper focused and I appreciate the restraint and dedication this takes immensely, even if changes are ($orced to come…)

  4. Ordered mine from Sweetwater. After S&H charges Thomann was just $15 cheaper so I went with Sweetwater (for averything else it’s Thomann because SW mark up prices way too high, the only positive, it’s in the US in case you need to return, also Thomann 3yr warranty, SW 2 yr warranty).

    I’ve always liked the 303 sound, fits well in what I do, even if it’s a one trick pony device, I like it’s bassy farty sounds very much. The OG Behringer 303 felt lacking and cheap in many ways so this is it. Acid revival.

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