Baby Audio goes iOS with two free AUv3 effects apps: Magic Dice & Magic Switch

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Baby Audio takes two small steps into the iOS mobile music production world with two free AUv3 effects apps: Magic Dice and Magic Switch. 

iOS mobile music production is not yet topic for many plugin manufacturers. A mistake in my opinion. iPads and iPhones are constantly getting more powerful and the AUv3 format gives developers a chance to offer their creations on a secure platform. And one that is constantly growing.

Developers like Audio Damage, Eventide, FabFilter to name a few well-known ones have taken the step. Another has now published its first two apps, which are otherwise only known from its VST plugins. Welcome to iOS, Baby Audio. The first two releases are small but hopefully this is just the beginning of something big.

Baby Audio iOS

Magic Dice

Magic Dice is a free AUv3 effects app that is powered by the Spaced Out plugin engine that squeezes an echo/delay, a reverb and modulation in a single plugin. This version takes away all control and only gives the user a cube as interaction. With every new click, it generates random and dreamy wet-fx textures.

Thanks to an intelligent algorithm and more than 50 individual effects combined under the hood, Baby Audio promises that you will never hear the same effect twice. The AUv3 plugin is capable to generate wide space echoes, lush-sounding reverbs, crazy modulation effects, and more. One disadvantage: sounds cannot be saved as presets. So I recommend that if an effect fits, you should record the track as an audio track in order to keep the result for ever.

Magic Switch

Magic Switch is also free and is Baby Audio’s take on the legendary one-button Roland Juno chorus from the 1980s. The core is based on the Super VHS plugin and is not an accurate emulation. It’s more a chorus that inspired by the concept and sound of it.

According to BA, it is capable to create classic Juno-style chorus effects but also give any track a unique detuned, rich and moody character. Doug from The Sound Test Room took a closer look at these free effect apps.

It’s great to see that Baby Audio has made the move to mobile music production on iPads and iPhones. Hopefully their excellent flagship plugins will come to iOS soon as well. Me but also many in the iOS community would be happy about it.

Baby Audio Magic Dice and Magic Switch are available now as a free download from the Apple AppStore. They run as an AUv3 effects app that requires a host app such as AUM, AudioBus, GarageBand…

More information here: AppStore 

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