ALM Busy Circuits MFX, new 6HP stereo digital multi-fx processor for Eurorack

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ALM Busy Circuits MFX is a new stereo digital multi-fx processor for Eurorack with a colorful plethora of algorithms, a lot of CV flexibility, and presets in just 6HP. 

Effects in synthesizers can often really emphasize sounds. This also applies to Eurorack. There is a large selection of different effect modules. Compact with little HP but also big ones with a lot of parameters and possibilities.

A new one comes from ALM Busy Circuits that fuses characteristics of both module concepts. Compact and very rich in features.

ALM Busy Circuits ALM032

ALM Busy Circuits MFX

The MFX is a new compact 6HP stereo digital audio multi-effects processor for Eurorack. It features 14 different algorithms inspired by favorite classic hardware processors from the past. Interesting most of the algorithms are mono-to-stereo, others are true stereo. According to the developer, it incorporates DSP technologies from the dawn of digital effects in the 70s to the present day. You can find a wide range of effects including:

  • Digi-PCM Echo feature rich digital delay taking inspiration from early prime time rack delay units with added modern features.
  • Tape-Tech Echo, a tape style delay with a digital pitch shifter bolted on.
  • Crumbular Echo, a more experimental granular style echo.
  • Ursa Minor Echoverb, emulation of the classic Ursa Major ‘Space station’ providing more delays and reverb type effects.
  • Pocket PL8 Reverb, emulation of very early digital style reverbs with a dense metallic sound.
  • Almicon Reverb, emulation of 80s studio style reverb great for bright rooms and vast synthetic spaces.
  • Quaidra Reverb, recreation of a popular 90s rack reverb. Excels at creating airy, atmospheric reverbs.

More Algorithms

  • TY-50 Compressor, a flexible modern compressor great for adding punch, smoothing transients or as a clean mix bus compressor.
  • Transient Shaper, a fast acting dynamics processor for reshaping the attack and release envelope of any sound.
  • TH-30 Distortion, a versatile distortion program with distortion types ranging from analog style saturation to intense digital wave folding.
  • 2051 Bit Corrupter, a real-time audio buffer designed to imitate malfunctioning digital audio equipment.
  • Modulating Panner: a clock-syncable mono or stereo auto-pan with an additional scan mode that cross fades between 2 input signals. Use for VCA, Panner, crossfader, tremolo type effects.
  • Ring + Freq Modulator, a pair of classic modulation effects in stereo, tailored towards otherworldly and dissonant sounds.
  • Ensembles Ensemble, a simulation of classic chorus and ensemble effects. An added digital pitch shifter takes the effect beyond traditional chorus circuits.

Plus, you get simple but but handy utilities including an oscilloscope and VCO tuner.


This wealth of inspiring algorithms can be controlled with an easy and intuitive to use user interface with a display and knob. Each program contains a wide range of controllable parameters both directly editable or controlled with CV or clocked control. For this, there are three freely-assignable CV inputs. The module also supports the ALM Axon-1 expander that gives you up to 7 additional assignable CV inputs.

Handy, the module also gives you the option to store and recall user presets for each algorithm. All states are preserved across power cycles. So you can deeply edit each program and save your favorite settings.

Connection side, it comes with stereo inputs and outputs (l/r), clock input, 3 assignable CV inputs as well as a USB-C connection on the back. This allows you to quick and easy drag-and-drop firmware updates from your computer.

In my opinion, the MFX offers a neat multi-effects package. It gives you many algorithms, a very intuitive interface and a wide range of CV-editable parameters in a compact format.

ALM Busy Circuits MFX (ALM032) is available now for $299 USD.

More information here: ALM Busy Circuits

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    • there is a stereo input and output on l/r mono sockets. Eurorack works mostly with mono cables so stereo is done with a mono pair.

      • Read manual… most algorithms are mono-in stereo-out. Milky Way is true stereo from what i understand. I route my hardware synth through modular effects like beads, versio and stereo compressor etc.

        • You are semi right. It’s a mixture. Most of them are mono-to-stereo but there are some algorithms that are stereo-to-stereo like TH-30 Distortion

    • This is not a guitar effect but a Eurorack module. These modules have different levels so it requires another pre-amp module to get to the Eurorack level.
      It’s a digital effect, no amp at all

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