Superbooth 21: Happy Nerding adds TR-909 drum voice emulations to the FX Aid modules

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Superbooth 21: Happy Nerding is celebrating the 909 day with free Roland TR-909 drum voice emulations for the FX Aid/FX Aid XL modules. 

When it comes to product care in Eurorack, two manufacturers can be highlighted: Expert Sleepers and Happy Nerding. One with its disting, the other with its FX Aid / Fx Aid XL modules. As we have seen, Andrew Ostler made a massive upgrade to his Disting EX today. But how do you say: an update rarely comes alone.

Happy Nerding, not at Superbooth 21, joins in and today also shows a big update for its FX Aid modules with which he is celebrating the 909 day.

FX Aid 909

FX Aid 909 Voices

For the 808 day, Igor, the developer gave away to his community digital emulations of the Roland TR-808 drum machine voices. He also celebrates the 909 day. Again with digital drum voice emulations, this time from the legendary Roland TR-909. Yes, you read it right, you have now 808 and 909 drum voice algorithms for your FX Aid module. Crazy what you get for them.

All drum voices come in improved versions with additional controls including tune, attack, and decay. Thus, you can craft drum sounds that go far beyond that of the original Roland TR-909. Sounds are output on both channels (L / R), but with a different character.

Bass Drum produces standard emulation on the Left output, and its overdriven copy the Right output. Snare and Tom have low-frequency punch added to the Right output. Rimshot produces standard emulation on the Left output, and a bit modified on the Right output. Both channels are in phase, so can be crossfaded/mixed for additional variations. The clap is stereo, so can be used with the extra space. Trig input to be connected to the Left input.

Thank you Igor for this lovely gift. With these, the FX Aid/FX Aid XL just got again a big added value at no change.

The new FX Aid/FX Aid XL 909 update is free and the new algorithms can be found in the official web editor.

More information here: Happy Nerding 

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