Modal Argon8 firmware 2.6 update adds new wavetables and more

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Modal Electronics has updated its modern wavetable Synthesizer Argon8 to firmware 2.6 with all-new wavetable banks and more.

The Argon8 is a modern polyphonic wavetable Synthesizer with a rich feature set. The highlight here is the engine, which combines two wave-groups with a huge number of unique waveform modifiers. This sonic relationship allows endless shaping fun.

Today, Modal Electronics has published the free firmware update 2.6 that supercharge the Argon8’s sound engine with new waveforms and wavetables.

Modal Electronics Argon8 Firmware 2.6

Modal Argon8 Firmware 2.6

The new firmware 2.6 adds 12 new wavetable banks contain 60 all-new waveforms to the Argon8 engine. You can now use two independent wave-groups each containing 180 carefully crafted wavetables split into 36 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets. In the wave-group 2, you can also find an additional PWM bank and three noise/modulation banks for more experimental sounds.

In addition, Argon8 users can now effortlessly link oscillator 2 tuning to the oscillator 1 frequency via a handy OSC2 tune mode control. Not only does this increase the number of waveforms, it also significantly expand the sound spectrum of the Argon8.

Mainly because you can further deform/shape the new wavetables with the 32 static modifieres and thus archive new timbres not possible before. Plus, you have eight types of oscillator modifiers giving you endless shaping fun. A welcome update for all Argon8 users. It’s a pity that the engine still doesn’t allow you to load your own waveforms/wavetables. I hope that will be added in the future.

Modal Electronics Argon8 firmware 2.6 is available now as a free update.

More information here: Modal Electronics

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