Recosynth Jolymod Mini and Reco Mini Bass, new lovely analog synths by Arthur Joly

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Arthur Joly from Recosynth introduces two lovely boutique analog Synthesizers: Jolymod Mini a cute modular and Reco Mini Bass

Synths can be bought off the shelf or from small independent developers with garage labs. You can make music equally well with both. If you buy from a boutique manufacturer, however, you know who developed and built the instrument. Many would now say expensive Synthesizer romance but for me this indie community is fascinating.

Because you get to know many brilliant, talented minds here personally, who might have developed behind closed doors in the big player companies.

Recosynth Jolymod Mini Reco Mini Bass

One of these is Arthur Joly from Brazil who regularly showcases exciting custom made synths and drum machines. Today even two small new ones.

Reco Mini Bass

Reco Mini Bass is a little hand-crafted analog monophonic bass Synthesizer with a single oscillator, filter, and an ADSR envelope. The synth is installed in an aluminum case and has a black look with red knobs. The built-in keyboard also stands out with its red button design. There is also a MIDI input.


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Jolymod Mini

The second release is a cute Moog-style modular Synthesizer in a compact wooden cabinet. Arthur has installed a very classic engine here consisting of two multi-wave VCOs, filter, two ADSR envelopes, two VCAs, and a 8-step sequencer.

Recosynth Jolymod Mini

These two new synthesizers by Arthur Joly from Brazil are certainly not feature monsters. They are classic analog synthesizers that are handmade, have their own character and design. If you value handcrafted instruments want to support small independent developers, you’ve come to the right place.

Recosynth Reco Mini Bass is available for 3000 BRL ± 525€ and Jolymod Mini for 6500 BRL ± 1139€.

More information here: Recosynth 

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