Waves CR8 Creative Sampler ($10 intro) and COSMOS AI-powered sample finder (free)

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Waves explores the sample landscape with the CR8 creative sampler plugin ($10 intro) and COSMOS AI-powered sample finder (free)

Last week Waves teased a new plugin for this week. Something to do with samples. My hunch should be correct. Waves today introduced a creative sampler Plugin and a AI-powered sample finder.

Both are very cheap at the start. The sampler is only $10 USD while the sample filter is free of charge.

Waves CR8

Waves CR8 Creative Sampler

CR8 is a new creative sampler plugin for macOS and Windows. It’s Waves’ first sampler plugin and it’s pretty mighty. It gives you 8 sample layers with ability to stack and mix the 8 layers, or split them across your keyboard. With this layering option, you can create rich sample textures.

The plugin features 8 time-stretching algorithms including voice, beats, melodic, harmonic , and classic. Each algorithm lets you control pitch & time independently or apply real-time key & BPM analysis to sync up with your sessions. CR8 also offers easy looping, reverse, freeze, and other option to manipulate your samples. Granular synthesis is missing, which is a bit of a shame.

Then, you can shape timbre of your samples with the multi-mode filter with four different types with 12dB/24dB options and drive. On the modulation side, you have 4 multi-wave LFOs and 4 ADSR envelope generators. The LFOs can be classic LFO or work as a sequencer modulation with fully-customizable steps. You can also map velocity, mod-wheel, pitch-wheel and aftertouch to most of CR8’s parameters. This makes expressive playing possible.

A highlight is the full integration of Waves’ new AI-powered sample Finder COSMOS right in the CR8 samples. It comes with over 800 CR8 sampler presets and over 2500 sounds from the COSMOS factory presets all with auto-tags, and more.


COSMOS is a new sample finder with novel built-in technologies. Waves says: “is the first sample finder to use advanced neural network technologies in order to analyze, auto-tag, and sort your entire collection of samples – everything from one-shots to entire loops – into a unified easy-to-search database.”

Waves Cosmos

The app offers three different views: waveform, List and the COSMOS view giving you a visual representation of your sample content. Here, you can filter and search all your one-shots and loops by instruments, and BPM, and keys. Plus, you can search them via their sonic characteristics such as brightness, saturation, and dynamics.

Waves also added a one-click audition functionality in COSMOS that let you instantly preview your sounds. Samples can then be exported via drag-and-drop from COSMOS into your sampler or DAW. It can open as a standalone app from your desktop, or from within the Waves CR8 Sampler. As a bonus It ships with over 2500 one-shots and loops.

Looks like a very interesting sampler plugin with futuristic features.

Waves CR8 Creative Sampler is available now for an introductory price of $9.99 USD instead of $34,99 USD and includes Cosmos AI for free. Waves Cosmos is a available as a free download. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Waves 

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  1. It is a bit sad that Comos doesn’t parse through sub-folders.
    Importing the sample libraries becomes a pain, since each sub-folder needs to be specified.

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