Error Instruments Velix, a wild, experimental Synthesizer with touch plates

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From the crazy Error Instruments sound laboratory comes Velix, an experimental Synthesizer with an organic sound and touch plate operation

Paul Tas aka Error Instruments is known to many for his very idiosyncratic noise machines. He doesn’t follow any hype or trend. Paul makes standalone instruments and modules that are visually and sonically eye-catching different. If you want to know more about Paul Tas and his developments, I made an interview with him on Superbooth 21. I link it at the bottom of the article.

The fact that I am writing about Paul again means that there is something new from the Error Instrument sound and noise laboratory. Let’s introduce Velix.

Error Instruments Velix

Error Instruments Velix

Velix is a new organic-sounding Synthesizer that is based a hybrid synth engine. More precisely, it combines an analog sound engine with digital effects. Everything is controlled and played with a set of knobs and touch-plates. Placing your fingers on the touch plates affects the tone and timbre. Every movement results in fascinating sounds.

The synth has five knobs for editing and tweaking the synth and effects engine. According to Paul, you can also use the effects in Velix separately via an FX input and then play along with the touch synth. On the connection side there is a power supply input, input/output for the effects channel and in and out for the synth. Unfortunately, no CV for modular patching.

As always, Paul Tas tells us very little about the core of the engine. Information what kind of oscillators etc. is inside is top secret. However, he says that it’s an a Synthesizer for alien soundscapes, noises and deep organic sounds.

The whole thing looks like a lot of fun again. I can imagine that you can generate very crazy sounds with it. And what makes me very happy about every ES release is that it swims against the tide of regular synth releases. A very special instrument with a wild design and crazy sound. A typical Error Instrument.


Error Instruments Velix is available now for 275€

More information here: Error Instruments

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