SOMA Laboratory ENNER Experimental Synthesizer Preview

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SOMA Laboratory has today released a new sneak preview of the ENNER, a new experimental Synthesizer/instrument designed to be direct transmitters of emotional energy.

As usual for Vlad Kreimer developments, it’s not a very classic/normal Synthesizer. So far, I don’t know much about it only that it has a touch surface for the interaction.

SOMA Laboratory ENNER

Vlad Kreimer Statement

I had got the idea of the synth while I was listening to the track of danish sound-artist SiSTOR: I thought that we need more flexible instruments for such artists and started to think about how it could be realized. We got in an art-dialogue and decided to try to make the synth together. Here is the result.”

SOMA Laboratory ENNER is currently in development and will probably cost about 500€.

More information here: SOMA Laboratory

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