Pittsburgh Modular Announced Voltage Research Laboratory, Experimental Semi-Modular Synthesizer

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Also, our friends from Pittsburgh Modular will present on Superbooth 19 a new Synthesizer. I don’t know much about the upcoming Voltage Research Laboratory, but it will be a very experimental synth. First teaser pictures can be found on the website as well as on Instagram.

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory Synthesizer

Looking at the photo taken from the livestream, we can observe on the top a Synthesizer interface and on the bottom a lifeforms touch controller. You can see two oscillators with multiple waveforms, different waveshapers (asymmetry, axis, timbre, alpha shape, FM,…), two function generators (A/B) with rise/fall characteristics, two dynamic controllers (low pass gates), an analog delay and arpeggiator on the left side. Further, there is a massive patch bay which is located under the actual interface. Clever, so they are not an obstacle while playing with the knobs.

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory

In the lower section is then the Lifeforms touch controller, which is also equipped with multiple inputs and outputs. Presumably, it will be possible to play the synth very expressively, which makes very exciting deep sounds possible. What to do with the 20 knobs above the touch plate is not yet known, maybe a built-in sequencer. Interesting to see is that Pittsburgh Modular doesn’t offer a very classic synth design in the Voltage Research Laboratory, but again a design like in the Microvolt 3900.

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory Synthesizer

So we can surmise that this will be a new experimental west-coast inspired Synthesizer, especially because it uses lowpass gates and function generators instead of filter and ADSR. To give the teaser yet an artistic touch, the developers have decided to compose several sound collages with the Voltage Research Laboratory. In these, you can hear nicely the character of this new very unique synth.

More episodes are available on the Pittsburgh Modular YouTube channel.

All detailed information about the new Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory will be available next week at Superbooth 19, including price and availability.

More information here: Pittsburgh Modular 

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