ZIQAL Dimension, polyphonic stereo wavetable oscillator module for Eurorack

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New Belgian Eurorack developer ZIQAL packs a polyphonic, stereo wavetable engine with Serum file support in its Dimension module with only 10HP

Wavetables, a topic that has been discussed up and down for the last few years. The trend first began in software and with the release of umpteen new wavetable soft synths (Ableton Wavetable, Serum, Pigments…). Then the wave of hardware synthesizers came and now it has also arrived in the Eurorack. Interesting when you consider that wavetable oscillators already existed before.

One of my favorites, the Waldorf NW-1, which ended up being sold for ridiculously little money, was initially smiled at rather than taken seriously. Maybe the whole thing would look different now. With the Osiris, Modbap Modular showed last year how to develop a compact, elegant, powerful wavetable oscillator.

ZIQAL Dimension

At the same time the new Belgian developer ZIQAL released Dimension, also a new wavetable oscillator. Strange, a module that didn’t make it into the big press. Was it poorly communicated, or did I simply overlook it? Well, sure it gets my full attention now.

ZIQAL Dimension

Dimension is a new wavetable oscillator (10HP) for Eurorack. Unlike the other releases, Dimension is a 24-voice polyphonic stereo wavetable oscillator. That sounds like something new.

The engine uses 2048 samples x 256 waveforms wavetables, can store up to 25 wavetables internally and is compatible with xfer Serum Synthesizer wavetable files. If necessary, you can easily import new ones onto a microSD card and scroll through them via a fast visual file browser.

Polyphony & 2 Unique Operating Modes

Polyphony and the possibility of working in stereo is particularly exciting here. Dimension is capable of playing up to 24 voices simultaneously within 10HP with the option to work with chords and unison.

The module has two different modes to explore: classic mode provides 4 oscillator voices paned over the stereo outputs while Dimension activates a waveform morphing function with up to 6400 different waveforms. There is an internal note scaler and function inside the classic mode giving you the option to create chords with up to 4 voices. Alternatively, you route MIDI in the module via the dedicated MIDI input. Two different modes with which you can achieve very different results

Further, you have two output modes. In dual mode, the module outputs two different wavetables on each output while in LFO mode, you get the same output but with a subsonic frequency range.

Plus, you get an option in any mode to multiply the voices 6 times with detuning to play them in 6-voice unison. With 4 voices, you can smash out a total of 24 voices out of the new wavetable module from ZIQAL.

An exciting wavetable module. Polyphony, stereo and wavetables at just 10HP is impressive. The module does not go as deep into wavetable manipulation as the Osiris, but has other points that can convince many users.

Ziqal Dimension is available now for 330€ from the official store.

More information here: ZIQAL

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