Korg opsix firmware 2.0 intros new operator effect mode & more

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Korg has published firmware 2.0 for its next-gen FM Synthesizer opsix adding new operator effect mode, additional aftertouch routing options, and 100 new sounds. 

I’ve been passionate about synthesis for a long time. For FM, the synthesis of the legendary Yamaha DX-7 however, less so far, because the approach was very cryptic so far. It’s rather unspiring to make new sounds with it. The opsix from Korg has changed that in my opinion. It’s the first FM synth that I liked to dive into and create new sounds.

This is largely due to the revised concept of FM synthesis and the ingenious interface with which FM synthesis can discover very hands-on and more logically. Today Korg released a new firmware 2.0 for the opsix with which they give the users all the more sonic capabilities.

Korg opsix firmware 2.0

Korg opsix Firmware 2.0

One of the special features of the opsix is the ability to choose a mode for each operator. In addition to classic FM synthesis, you can choose between ring mod, filter, filter fm, and wave folder. This allows you to leave the classic FM terrain and create new types of sounds. A very advanced type of FM synthesis. In firmware 2.0, Korg has expanded this innovative functionality with a new EFFECT mode.

When using this mode, the oscillator signal and input signal are fed into one of 10 different effects. You can choose from peaking EQ, shelving EQ, phaser, short delay, comb filter, distortion, drive, decimator, waveshaper, and punch. I can imagine that with the short delay or comb filter effect you can achieve sounds that are reminiscent of physical modeling. That sounds very tempting. It’s a shame that my opsix was only a loaner.

Nonetheless, this new operator mode expands the sound spectrum of the opsix once more. And don’t forget you can combine the mode as designed, so the options are near endless. The new firmware 2.0 also adds new pink and blue noises to the list of available oscillator waveforms.

In my Korg opsix review, I criticized the lack of aftertouch of the keyboard. However, the engine supports aftertouch, even poly aftertouch. This soft aftertouch has also been improved in firmware 2.0. Aftertouch is now selectable as a control source for LFOs, EGs, and the virtual patch. You can also now record aftertouch and play it back via the motion sequencer which is a nice addition. Plus, the MIDI clock sync is now more accurate.

New Sounds

There are also 100 new presets and improvements to some of the original 2050, resulting in 350 total presets sounds. The developers updated the default program order and favorites as well. To make them easier to find, they are now grouped by shared characteristics like octave and loudness.

And if you don’t know enough about the opsix or only get aware of this synthesizer through this article, I recommend my complete review of it from last April.

Korg OPSIX Review, Next-Gen FM Synthesizer With Hands-On Control

A nice update that Korg gives the opsix user here. The new operator mode will surely inspire many musicians. Thanks Korg.

The new firmware 2.0 for the Korg opsix is available now as a free download. Opsix is out now for 698€/$849.99

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  1. I really hoped that they will introduce dx7 style envelopes as an option. And also waiting for a rack mount version.

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