Voltage Modular 1.3.15 Update Adds A Sync Function & 3 New Modules

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Cherry Audio has today released Voltage Modular and Module Designer 1.3.15 with new features, modules, and improvements.

A new feature of Voltage Modular 1.3.15 is hidden in the settings: Delay Play Trigger and Gate Until Measure Boundary. This new preference is on by default and helps, for example, sync your sequences with your DAW. Also, it solves tempo sync issues for Cubase users.


Voltage Modular 1.3.15

Lyrinx Filter

In addition to new features, there are also some interesting new modules: Lyrinx Filter recreates the unique voltage-controlled formant filter of the super rare dutch Synthesizer Synton Syrinx with two bandpasses & one lowpass filter and with multiple routing configurations. Great for unique and complex vocal-like timbres.

Vintage Resonator

Vintage Resonator, the second module is a recreation of the best-known Polymoog resonator section that offers three state-variable filters in a parallel configuration, each operating in a chunk of the frequency spectrum (low/mid/high). A good musical example can be found in the Kraftwerk song “Das Model” where almost every sound makes use of the Polymoog’s resonators section.

Cherry Audio has also improved the original design by a 12/24 dB slop selection, as well as bipolar CV inputs for each filter’s cutoff frequency. This eliminates the filter slope shallow problem and makes it CV controllable.

Last but not least the third module is the new Allpass Filter which is free for all Voltage Core package users. With this filter, you can alter the phase of a user-definable area of frequencies. In addition to its frequency and width controls, it includes a bipolar CV input for frequency modulation. By plugging an LFO into this allows you to create your own DIY “swooshery”.

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Lyrinx Filter and Vintage Resonator are available for purchase for $15 USD each. Existing owners of Voltage Modular Core will find the new Allpass Filter module FREE in their library.

More information here: Cherry Audio 

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